Catalyst: Igniting Connections in the IH/OEHS Community

​Catalyst is AIHA's newest member benefit: a high-powered online community and virtual meeting place, built to meet our members needs for professional connecting, collaborating, and conquering.

Members can log in to ask a question and get an answer… all in real time. Since the launch in January 2018, members have been col​laborating in the online in private communities, sharing documents, building a library, networking with peers in the Open Forum, contributing and receiving expertise with other subject matter experts in the field.

All AIHA members have access to the online community and receive a "Daily Digest" email each morning alerting them to posts from the past 24 hours for the Open Forum and other forums they have joined. 

In Q1 2018, Catalyst reported exciting engagement statistics with 1,985 Unique Logins and 441 Unique Contributors. 

Now Introducing Targeted Advertising Opportunities within the Daily Digest Messages and the Online Community!


Daily Digest E​mail

  • Sent (7) days a ​week

  • One 728 x 90 pixels banner position located in the middle of each daily digest sent. 
  • Submit your one daily digest banner upfront for the entire month. 
  • If you need to ch​ange banners at any point in the month, banners must be received by 5pm the Thursday prior due to the Sunday start date.​

On the Catalyst Pages​

  • ​Available 24/7 to members via phone, tablet, o​r desktop computer

  • (1) 300 x 250 banner on the right rail of the homepage
  • (1) 300 x 250 banner on the right rail of all interior pages
  • One 728 x 90 pixels banner position located in each individual discussion thread.
  • Banner creative will run for the full month (​30/31 days)

Total investment per month is $2,500 and includes placements in both the Daily Digest and Catalyst Community Pages for 30/31 days depending on the month. 


All banner ads should be a static JPG file.

Email banner & web address to

Terr​i Wood



Holly Klarman | 410-584-1954 |​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​