Synergist Newswire Rates and Specs

ublished on Friday for 2018 and MOVING to TUESDAY for 2019, The Synergist Newswire, which primarily serves as a conduit to reporting on OEHS-related topics by media organizations, collects articles from a variety of sources to reflect media coverage of the IH and OHS industries. Every issue offers a recap of leading stories from the current week, delivered right to the member’s inbox. 

Each e-newsletter offers an exclusive advertising opportunity, allowing businesses valuable visibility and access to the IH/OH community week after week.

Two Packages to choose from: ​​​​​


 option One


  • (2) 600 x 75-pixel banners. JPG or PDF only. URL for live link. Banners placed top and middle. 

  • (1) Sponsored Con​tent Space. Placed mid-newsletter. Includes 50 words of copy and a URL.


 Option Two


  • (1) 60​0 x 75-pixel banners. JPG or PDF only.  URL for live link. Banner placed at top.

  • (1) Internal ad space with a 150 x 150 image, 40 words of text and URL. 

  • (1) Sponsored Content Space. Placed mid-newsletter. Includes 50 words of copy and a URL.

Banner and internal ad placements brand various aspects of your business. The content placement should introduce a white paper, blog, or expanded content on your site linking the reader back to a data collection point to access the full content. 


  • 1 week : $1,500
  • 4-12 weeks: $1,425/week
  • 13-26 weeks: $1,200/week
  • 52 weeks: $1,000/week

Insertions do not have to run in consecutive weeks.​


Email image, copy, and Web address to:

Terri Wood​​​​​​​​

​Holly Klarman | 410-584-1954 |​​