Synergist Newswire Rates and Specs

Published on Fridays,
The Synergist Newswire, which primarily serves as a conduit to reporting on OEHS-related topics by media organizations, collects articles from a variety of sources to reflect media coverage of the IH and OHS industries.

Each e-newsletter offers premium advertising space, allowing businesses valuable visibility and access to the IH/OH community week after week. With weekly scheduling and the ability to customize messaging as frequently as needed, The Synergist Newswire provides the flexibility necessary to keep your outreach fresh and capture readers' attention.

Positions are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Ensure your company receives premium positioning for the year by reserving all 52 issues.


Email image, copy, and Web address to:

Terri Wood​​​​​​​​

For companies looking for maximum email visibility to AIHA members, consider a package in both the Synergist Weekly and the Synergist Newswire! Frequency discounts can be combined between these two products.

​Holly Klarman | 410-584-1954 |​


 Premium Banner Space



  • 1 insertion: $1,335
  • 4 insertions: $975/week
  • 12 insertions: $525/week
  • 24 insertions: $350/week
  • 52 insertions: $260/week


Horizontal banner

  • 600 x 75 pixels
  • JPG or GIF formats only
  • URL for live hyperlink​ ​


 Internal Ad Space



  • ​1 insertion: $1,250
  • 4 insertions: $875/week
  • 12 insertions: $475/week
  • 24 insertions: $315/week
  • 52 insertions: $235/week


  • Internal ad space nestled within content within e-newsletter
  • 150x150 pixels
  • JPG or GIF formats only
  • 40 words of copy
  • URL for live hyperlink​