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Have you given much thought to the history of the Metro chapter? When was it formed or who was the first and second president of the chapter? Industrial hygiene and the meeting must have been different in those days. No computers, no e-mail and no digitized, computerized, automatic air sampling devices.

The New York Metro Chapter of the American Industrial Hygiene Association was started in 1939, over seventy years ago. The first president was J. William Fehnel (1939) and Theodore Hatch was the 1940 President. Since then quite a few presidents have stepped up to take the gavel.

New York Metro section even hosted the second annual Industrial Hygiene conference, which was held on June 4-5 1940. Cleveland, Ohio has the distinction of hosting the first Industrial Hygiene Conference in 1939.

We are completing a list of all the presidents starting from 1939 to the current president. Your help is needed to complete the list. We have contacted national to see if they have any old records, but to no avail. Some of the former presidents have also been contacted. With various people scratching their heads, we are still missing those that served between 1941 and 1962 and from 1969 to 1973. If you can help, e-mail me at We will be adding the complete list as names come in. So keep on checking.


Stuart Mirowitz, MS, CIH, CSP
Former President First recipient of the Bull Moose Award

Past Recipients of the Bull Moose Award

The award is named after a “know it all” cartoon and movie star - Bullwinkle J. Moose - nature’s first industrial hygienist, who patrolled the woods with his faithful technician, Rocky, in search of recognizable hazards, keeping forest and glen safe for all.

Each year the Metro NY Chapter of the AIHA selects its outstanding member of the year for our highest honor, the Bull Moose Award. This award is for recognition of dedication and hard work, often in IDLH conditions (Immediately Dangerous to Life and …Horns).

  • Dr. Franklin E. Mirer, PhD, CIH (2014)

  • Nicholas Bishop (2013)

  • Laura Schneider, CIH (2012)

  • Sophie Naftalovich (2011)

  • Mark Drozdov (2010), Announcement

  • Paul DeBiase (2009)

  • John Svagr (2008)

  • Rowena Aquino (2007)

  • Andrew Burgie (2006)

  • Al Wallner (2005)

  • Gayla McCluskey (2004)

  • Derrick Hodge (2003)

  • Kathy Terwilliger (2002)

  • Jack Springston (2001)

  • Philip Hauck (2000)

  • Gerald Baril (1999)

  • Keith Tait (1998)

  • James Cohn (1997)

  • Deborah Gul Haffner (1996)

  • David Kotelchuck (1995)

  • Nancy Clark (1993)

  • John Callen (1989)

  • Nancy Orr (~1988)

  • Chuck Axten (~1986)

  • Stuart Mirowitz (~1984)

  • Mark Grossman

  • Gregory Kash (year?)

  • James McClatchey (year?)

Please contact us if you can fill in the missing years and past recipients!




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