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At the December meeting, Anthony Belcher was elected President for 2015. He has provided his vision for the year for your review.

Our next meeting for 2015 is September 16th ... Check our Meeting Planner for details about this and future meetings, as well as to make meeting reservations.

View below a report on the Siemens Tour

Please note the 2015 dues notice has been sent out - please remit to Roman ASAP.... Thanks...

Great news for our Local Section, both of our AIHA/SVS members, Mark Cameron and Steve Smith, have been awarded the status of "Industrial Hygiene Fellow" of AIHA. AIHA had the award ceremony at the AIHce in Toronto, Canada.

The list of Board Members for 2015 is posted.

The 2014 bylaws revision passed and was approved by AIHA national. The newly approved version is available at the link above.

The Sacramento Valley Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association was formed in 1980.

The mission of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Sacramento Valley Section is:

  1. To promote the study, evaluation and control of environmental stresses arising in or from the workplace or its products in relation to the health or well being of workers and the public.

  2. To increase the knowledge of industrial and environmental health through interchange and dissemination of information and to bring together persons interested in the various phases of industrial and environmental health.

  3. To promote the profession through the encouragement of interest within and cooperation with governmental, industrial, educational, labor and other organizations.

For more information, you may send e-mail to Anthony Belcher, AIHA SVS President.

AIHA SVC TOUR- Siemens Innovating Our Future: Made in Sacramento

The Siemens tour was terrific. Itís not very common anymore that we can see heavy industry and watch something being made from start to finish at a world-class facility! A very unique opportunity. The trains are beautiful and are used at many locations in North America. We had approximately sixteen attendees. I spoke with an attendee who is a student and this was her first industrial hygiene/safety tour. Itís great that the local section can provide this type of value to the members. Thanks again to Brian Lammi at Siemens for being our expert tour guide and making this happen for us!

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It was first posted on June 8, 1998. Last updated on 8/27/2015.

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