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The Sacramento Valley Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association was formed in 1980. It meets every other month, usually on the second Thursday of the month.

SVS Mission Statement

The mission of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Sacramento Valley Section is:

  1. To promote the study, evaluation and control of environmental stresses arising in or from the workplace or its products in relation to the health or well being of workers and the public.

  2. To increase the knowledge of industrial and environmental health through interchange and dissemination of information and to bring together persons interested in the various phases of industrial and environmental health.

  3. To promote the profession through the encouragement of interest within and cooperation with governmental, industrial, educational, labor and other organizations.

Past Presidents

Charter Members

     Paul Taloff           Raymond Theep
     Daniel Chang          Brick Mesman
     David Conklin         Donald Logsdon, Jr.
     Philip Diamond        Clint Vandermann
     Ronald Hergenrader    Charles Carlton
     Zane Martin           Charles Kidder, ii
     Edwin Banner, III     Robert Bottini
     Charles Thorpe        Christopher Kairys
     Vladimir Moss         William Lubinsky
     Mark Pheatt           Paul Lynch
     Jeannie Moore         Robert T. Maykoski
     John Seabury          Betty Taylor

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