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Fred S. Venable

Founder of the Deep South Section of AIHA
MS, PE, CIH, CSP, Industrial Hygiene Consultant

February 27, 1920 -- June 4, 1984

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Colleague, Teacher and Friend
Schools Attended/ Degrees: 
University of Texas (1947) B.S., Ch.E.
Harvard University (1949) M.S. Industrial Hygiene

Professional Activities:
President, AIHA, 1982-83
Director, AIHA, 1971-73
President, Deep South Section, AIHA, 1964-65
Industrial Hygiene Roundtable
“The above curriculum vitae does not begin to illustrate the numerous achievements and contributions of Fred Venable.  He dedicated 37 years to the advancement of occupational health.  Thirty two of those years of service were to the Exxon Company, U.S.A.  His being named the 1981 recipient of Exxon’s Meritorious Service Award tells us a great deal about this extraordinary professional.

Fred decided to retire from Exxon in 1982, but he chose not to retire from his profession by continuing in the field of industrial hygiene as a consultant.  And he continued to participate actively in AIHA/ AAIH activities.  In fact, it was the evening of his return to Baron Rouge from the Detroit AIHA that Fred suffered a heart attack which hospitalized him. 

On November 1, 1983, the Deep South Section of AIHA held a dinner to honor Fred and Helen and to celebrate his retirement from Exxon.  The celebration coincided with the Joint Conference of Occupational Health in New Orleans, LA.  Friends from various parts of the country showed up to honor them.  In Fred’s own words, “We passed a real good time.”  All present recognized an outpouring of love, appreciation, and yes, respect for a selfless gentleman and his lady.  A scholarship fund bearing Fred’s name was established to fund a deserving industrial hygiene student studying in the state of Louisiana.  We can honor Fred’s memory by making memorial contributions to the order of the Deep South Section, AIHA.”

--Paul F. Woolrich

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Fred S. Venable


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