CM Points

Date Topic Presenter Company ABIH #
12/7/09 Ethics Norm Henry Consultant (retired from DuPont) 0.167 points, 09-4461
9/24/09 Nanotechnology M. Sheehan & M. Crossen-Luba West Chester University Sep-49
6/26/09 Ethics and Legal Issues Chen, Taylor and Feldscher Various Sep-09
5/6/09 OSHA Update Aaron Trippler AIHA Sep-61
3/10/09 Local Emergency Planning David Irwin, Chairman LEPC Sep-62
12/10/08 Preparing for the Pandemic Flu Jim Domorod DE Public Health
9/24/08 The Hazards of Dust Explosions William Wark Chemical Safety Board Aug-77
6/18/08 Joint meeting with PA AIHA Aaron Trippler, Jim Johnson; Dr. Dan Anna West Chester University 08-1855
3/5/08 Overview of CIH /CSP Exam Rubrics Bruce Fine / Marcus Suhr Various 08-1196
12/12/07 REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals) MeLissa McDonald DuPont 08-340
10/25/07 New OH Program at Division of Public Health Bill Leitzinger DPH Jul-23
6/26/07 Radiological Emergencies: Considerations for EHS Professionals Frieda Fisher-Tyler State of DE 07-1756
3/7/07 Local Section Development and AIHA Growth Frank Renshaw, CIH, PhD AIHA President 07-812
12/4/06 Get Hip. General Employee Health & Wellness Dr. Joe Henry Astra Zeneca Jun-77
9/27/06 Linking the Campus - Community - and Corporate Worlds Dr. Maura Sheehan, CIH West Chester University 06-1643
3/16/06 OSHA VPP Paul Snyder & Chrysoula Komis Rohm & Haas 06-1083
11/7/05 Human Health Assessment and the IH Michael Jayjock, Phd, CIH The Lifeline Group Aug-83
6/23/05 Ethics, ABIH update Lindsey Booher AIHA 05-1764
2/10/05 Health Effects of Nanotechnology David Warheit, PhD 05-606
4/14/05 Keeping Workers Skin Healthy Armand Coppatelli Stockhausen, Inc. 05-1394
12/8/04 Mold case study in contaminated property. Lawrence Smith Weston Solutions Apr-73
6/22/04 Mold and It's Sources and Clean-up Colleen Merritt, Ph.D. DuPont Chemical Solutions 04-1555
12/10/03 Case Studies in IH. Various Various Mar-22
9/17/03 The Health of DE Workers - A Legislative Approach Bethany Hall-Long State Representative Mar-08
4/22/03 AIHA 2003 Update Gayla McCluskey AIHA President 03-1122
1/14/03 IAQ - MOLD, MOISTURE, MYCOTOXINS & HEALTH ISSUES Gerald Llewellyn DE Div of Public Health Feb-68
9/24/02 IH Laboratory Challenges Echeazu Ogu BonScience, Inc.
5/8/02 Selecting the Most Effective Ergonomics Assessment Tool Dave Ridyard Applied Ergonomics 02-1885
3/19/02 Hazards of Lab Chemicals Used Infrequently Michael Blayney Dartmouth College 02-1304
11/13/01 Respirator Cartridge Change Schedules Tom Nelson NIHS, Inc
9/19/01 Ergonomic Programs - Case Studies Kathleen Schmidt DuPont Co. 16758
6/25/01 Professional Certifications and IH Norm Henry DuPont Co. 16004
4/4/01 The Value of IH Techniques in Product Stewarship Bill Haaf DuPont Co. 15237
1/25/01 EH&S Hazard Assessment & Risk Mgt. Alan Weikert WL Gore 14154
11/14/00 When Work Makes You Wheeze; Occupational Asthma Marianne Cloeren WL Gore 9273
9/14/00 Emerging Issues $ the Future of Protective Clothing Danniel Anna Millersville University
5/2/00 Case Studies in IAQ Ed Montz Indoor Air Solutions
1/24/00 Ergonomics - Regulatory Activities Laura Nystrom DuPont Co.
11/16/99 Behavioral Safety Don Theune Topf Organization
9/13/99 RCF - Occupational Health Issues Gregory Druum 7691
4/27/99 Case Studies In IH - Indoor Tear Gas Release Joe Miller U. of DE
1/25/99 Emerging Issues in Hearing Conservation Theresa Schultz DOD, Aberdeen 517
11/16/98 Exposure/Risk Assessment Strategies Bernie Silverstein Consultant
9/15/98 The IH Role in the Global Market 6386
3/16/98 4849
12/8/97 5711
9/15/97 IAQ 6403
3/24/97 First Section Meeting Gayla McCluskey, CIH AIHA

Past Meeting

    • "Disaster Response-Industrial Hygiene Contribution"
    • Date: November 13, 2013
      Time: 5:30- 6:30- Social Hour; 6:30-7:30 Dinner and 7:30-8:30 Meeting presentation
      Location: Lambertis Cucina, 1300 Centerville Road (Prices Corner), Wilmington, DE 19808

      Speaker: David Swartz, CIH