Hawaii Local Section

of the American Industrial Hygiene Association


2015 Hawaii Local Section Officers

Past President

Hans O. Nielsen, CFPS


Celena Frietas


Joey Shibata Garza. CSP


Traci Revilla


Chris Congora


Joaquin Diaz


Sheraden Eber


Kukui Awana

AIHA Hawaii Local Section – 2014 Business Plan

I.  Carry out the mission of the AIHA for Hawaii's workforce and our community

AIHA Mission - The AIHA promotes, protects and enhances industrial hygienists and other occupational health, safety and environmental professionals in their efforts to improve the health and well-being of workers, the community and the environment.

A.  Increase AIHA membership as it relates to 2014.

      i.    Promote health, safety, and environmental activities to membership and the
            community through tours, technical training and seminars.

      ii.   Keep the membership informed of activities and practices affecting the HSE

      iii.  Participate in Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair as judges and present
            awards to the finalists.

      iv.   Offer social networking events to increase membership activism.

      v.    Advertise membership benefits via e-mail website

      vi.   AIHA  technical tours

      vii.  Promote the HSE profession to students at the high school and collegiate level.

B.  Create a high visibility event for AIHA Hawaii Local Section, so that we are better
      known to the public

      i.   Partner with other associations to promote AIHA as a partner in HSE.

II.  Increase the knowledge of industrial and environmental health through interchange,
    dissemination of information, and networking / professional development events

A.  Conduct general business meetings to keep our membership informed of the latest issues affecting the profession.

       i.  The general membership meetings will include technical mini-sessions on a variety
           of different HSE issues.

B.  Increase AIHA Hawaii visibility in Hawaii and nationally

      i.  AIHce and other such conferences

III.  Maintain the fiscal stability of the organization.

A.  Appoint a committee to conduct a financial audit of the AIHA Hawaii chapter books.



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AIHA Hawaii Local Section
P.O. Box 814
Honolulu, Hawaii 96808

Phone Contact: Hans O. Nielsen, AIHA President 808-956-5180