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JANUARY 1998 Newsletter

From the President

Mike McGuinness, President LV-AIHA

Greetings once again fellow health, safety, and possibly environmental professionals. The Christmas/Holiday Season is now just over and a new year is just beginning. With that in mind, I would like to update you on my "Wish List" for the LV Section and the progress we have made with respect to the activities we have slated for this year.

First, our web site is coming along nicely. It is being created by Albert Difilippantonil over at Silhouettes Internet Marketing in Easton. We have given him and his creative folks a list of key words and information we would like to see in the site. He will develop the site and then link it to all the common search engines and to the AIHA Home Page. If you have any ideas for the site, the entire Board of Directors would LOVE to hear from you. Remember, it is YOUR SECTION AND YOUR WEB SITE.

The second item to be discussed is the scholarship we are planning to award to a worthy student in the EHS Program at Northampton Community College. I have had discussions with the folks at the College to identify the parameters for awarding the scholarship and how to set up the program. I would like to see this turn into an annual deal with the Section's continued support of this worthwhile program. The timing is now at the point where we will select a recipient and possibly award the scholarship at our Spring Seminar. By the way, if you know of a candidate for the award, please contact me at work (908-454-6316), via e-mail (mguinni@silo.com), or mail (c/o R.K. Occupational and Environmental Analysis, 401 St. James Avenue, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865).

The third item, outreach to local media relative to the vast amount of knowledge we possess in many EH&S areas, has not really been addressed to date. If anyone wants to form a Committee and work with me on this idea, please let me know.

New items to discuss include the always popular Spring Seminar. Where else can you get CM points for such a reasonable price? I note with interest that the NE Conference, a gathering of the Metro New York, New Jersey, and Delaware Valley Local Sections, now charges $135.00 for their one day Seminar. Last year we charged a mere $75.00 and you CIH's out there got the same point it costs almost twice as much to get elsewhere. What a deal!!

Unlike last year when we devoted an entire day to the issue of Indoor Environmental Quality, the Directors have planned this year's Seminar to address a number of interesting or emerging topics. Dave Ridyard and his wife Susan will address the group on "3-D Ergonomic Team Training" and "Creative Ways to Liven Up Dull Technical/SafetyTraining" respectively. Personally, I don't believe Safety training should ever be dull. Otherwise why waste the effort? Both these sessions should prove very interesting and enlightening.

Yours truly will present some information relative to the emerging issue of latex allergies and IEQ and other issues (TB, fungal problems, control of constructions-related pollutants, Bloodborne Pathogens, etc.) specifically related to healthcare settings.

We are asking Albert from Silhouettes to present a session on the Internet and Health and Safety items of interest. Personally, I'm really looking forward to that presentation. I hope he accepts our invitation!!

Scott Shimandle from OSHA-Allentown will talk about recordkeeping and recordkeeping audits. It is always nice to see our OSHA friends under these types of circumstances as opposed to other settings!!!

The PDC this year will be similar to the PDC some colleagues and I presented at the Dallas AIHCE entitled "Prevention and Mitigation of Microbial Contamination in the Indoor Environment." It is an entry-level course and will address recognition, evaluation and control of microbial contaminants indoors. The instructors include Dr. Chin Yang who will discuss health effects of exposure to microbiological agents, results, interpretation, selection of a qualified environmental microbiology laboratory and the EMPAT program, and the use of biocides. Pat McGuinness, P.E., will discuss HVAC systems and their contribution to fungal and bacterial contamination of the indoor environment, moisture control, psychrometrics, and engineering design of moisture mitigation projects. I will discuss building inspection and assessment procedures, sampling procedures and media, abatement project design and monitoring, and preparation of project specifications and bid packages. Hands-on use of sampling equipment will be offered, moisture control equipment will be demonstrated, case studies will be presented, and we will tour an actual abatement project via slides.

With all the emphasis on moldy buildings seen in the media these days, and with headlines like "Stachybotrys chartarum Closes School," "Hypersensitivity Diseases on the Rise in the Late 20th Century", and "Killer Fungus Found in Library" making what seem like daily appearances in the newspapers, we feel that this PDC is timely. I know that there is much interest in the topic because it sold out in Dallas. If you missed it then, here is another opportunity for you!!

The last issue to address is the fact that I would like each one of you to consider getting more involved in the Section's activities. You are all certainly invited to attend the Board meetings. They start at 4:00 PM prior to each monthly meeting. To be honest, I'm getting tired of seeing the same old/young faces at each Board meeting. (Just kidding Board members).

As my close for this column, the Board and I wish all of you the best for a happy and a prosperous 1998.



Spring Seminar April 9, 1998
PDC April 8, 1998
All at the Holiday Inn at Rtes. 512 and 22.

February 12 Jake Schock
IH Interface with HAZMAT
March 12   Dr. Jessica Herzstein of APCI
Biological Monitoring
April 8 IAQ PDC
April 9 5th Annual LV-AIHA Conference
All meetings at Holiday Inn, Rtes. 512 & 22


The Board is pleased to announce that once again the evening dinner meetings are half-price for Safety Health & Environmental Students. Please identify your student affiliation when making reservations!

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SKC, Inc., Eighty Four PA



from Marcia Finke

In a letter from ABIH, 0.5 CM points per 3 dinner meetings were awarded and the approval numbers and dates are: 5566-1/21/97; 5565-2/13/97; 5564-3/13/97; 5563-10/9/97;and 5562-11/13/97.

Two Cents Worth by WWC

Resting in the golden autumn sun as we glided lazily on the swing just outside our room, we looked forward to a weekend at the Hawk Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Kempton, PA. We had been here a number of years before for a Valentine’s Day respite when the weather had not been so inviting. We had made good use of the jacuzzi and fire place then. Now, we were soothed by the warmth of the sun.

Breakfast fare each day was prepared by the innkeeper in the common room. Portions were ample, satisfying and cooked to order. Conversation was relaxed.

Weekend activities were highlighted by a hike to the overlooks on Hawk Mountain. Although hawks were few, views of the hills changing to scarlet and gold were spectacular.

Our one disappointment was to learn that the restaurant which had provided personal service on our last visit had closed and would not open until a new chef was found. The innkeeper recommended a number of local restaurants which although adequate did not compare to our previous dinner at the Bed and Breakfast.

On our way home we chanced upon a bargain on an enormous pumpkin at a church sale and discovered wine tasting at the Pinnacle Ridge Winery in Kutztown.

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