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March 1999 Newsletter

From the President

John Mosovsky, President LV-AIHA

Time flies when you’re the LV-AIHA President. This will be my last message to you as President, and even though my tenure may be winding down, I can’t say that my activities are! This time of year is usually the busiest for LV-AIHA Officers because of the planning for our Annual Spring Conference.

I think this year’s conference and PDC will offer the high quality everyone has come to expect from our events (a conference brochure will be coming your way soon or see the announcement on our web site at http://www.silo.com/aiha).

My vision for the year was to provide an educational and information exchange forum for the Valley’s IHs and environmental professionals. Two of our dinner meetings provided speakers on environmental topics that also included useful information for the IH. I’ve attempted to network with the local sections of Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA) and American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). The response hasn’t been overwhelming, but at least the seeds have been planted. We need to continue and strengthen these relationships in order to build on our networking.

Our Section has persevered over the years because of a small, dedicated core group of individuals. It has been enjoyable working with this group of committed professionals whose only interest is the promotion of our Section and its benefits to our members and the community.

Because people and time march on, we find that for next year we need volunteers to fill the positions of Director, President-Elect and Secretary. Think about making the commitment! Give me a call if you’d like to volunteer.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Spring Conference and I wish Brian Cawley, our next President, good luck. As Past President I expect to continue supporting the LV-AIHA.

John Mosovsky


Professional Development Course

On Wednesday, April 14, 1999, at the Holiday Inn in Bethlehem, there will be a PDC that starts at 8:30 AM and is entitled "Hot Topics in Safety & Health." It is put on by John F. Rekus, PE, CIH, and CSP.

People who have heard Mr. Rekus speak say that he is an engaging speaker who holds the attention of the audience. We are indeed fortunate to have Mr. Rekus putting on this PDC for us.

The PDC goes from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. A continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments at breaks are provided for $140.

This PDC qualifies for 0.5 BCSP continuance of certification (COC) points and has been submitted to ABIH for certification maintenance (CM) points.

One industrial hygienist has commented to me , "This is the cheapest point you can get, along with the conference. And the food’s pretty good, too."

At the end of the PDC course attendees should be able to:

    1. discuss basic industrial safety principles and concepts
    2. identify and evaluate a variety of safety hazards
    3. locate specific OSHA standards related to occupational safety.
    4. list and identify 5 sources of information that can be consulted in solving safety-related problems.

This is the biography we have on John Rekus. He is a renaissance man, lecturer, and world traveler with over 20 years of safety and health experience spanning industry, government, education, and consulting. He holds a BS in chemistry from Loyola College in Baltimore, and a MS from Indiana University of PA.

John is a registered professional engineer and is certified in comprehensive practice by both the ABIH and the BCSP. He is also certified as a Fire Inspector by the NFPA.


The 6th Annual Lehigh Valley American Industrial Hygiene Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn in Bethlehem on Thursday, April 15, 1999, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

The broad topic is "Current Industrial Hygiene and Safety Issues." The cost of the one-day conference is $80 if you are a member of the LV-AIHA and $100 if you are not. The registration fee includes a continental breakfast, refreshments at break times, and a buffet lunch.

Attendees at previous conferences put on by the LV-AIHA have always been amazed by the value that they get for the fee. Especially when you add in that we have applied for ABIH and BCSP points for the conference, the points are almost a steal.

Jean Kulp, CIH , will give an OSHA update. Ms. Kulp works at the Allentown office of OSHA. She was the third President of the LV-AIHA and the success of the First LV-AIHA Conference was in large part due to her efforts.

Fred Alkons, CIH, CSP, will be speaking on the OSHA VPP experience. The Lucent OptoElectronic Center in Breinigsville is an OSHA VPP Star site. Quite an effort is involved to become certified. Overall, it was a very positive experience and Mr. Alkons will tell all! He is a member of the Bell Labs EH&S department.

John Mosovsky, CIH, CSP, will talk about Design for Environment and Sustainable Development. Mr. Mosovsky is also with Lucent Technologies and gets involved with forward-looking projects. He is a member of the Bell Labs EH&S department.

Dr. Henry Walters will talk about the "Behavioral Approach to Safety & Industrial Hygiene." Dr. Walters is with Behavioral Science Technolgy, Inc., which is a consulting firm specializing in behavior-based safety management. Dr. Walters has a BS in engineering from the US Military Academy at West Point, NY. He has a Ph.D. in Safety Management from The Union Institute. He has taught and is an author of a book.

Laura J. McCormick will be not be talking about "Professional Liability Concerns." Instead, Ms. Irene Veney of Seabury and Smith will present the talk. Seabury and Smith is located in Washington, D. C.

Fred Usbeck, CIH, of Philip Analytical Services will talk on Analytical Programs. Mr. Usbeck has been in the analytical services business for quite some time and is well known in the Northeast and I dare say the United States. His extra participation at national AIHA meetings is the stuff legends are made of.

Tony LaMastra of Health Physics Associates will speak on ionizing radiation producing equipment. Mr. LaMastra has done work for many of the larger companies in the Northeast and is a recognized expert.

In addition to these fine speakers we will have exhibitors in an adjacent room at the Holiday Inn. Among the exhibitors are OSHA, A. J. Abrams, Philip Analytical Services, and SKC. We are grateful for their support of our conference.


AIHA Leadership Conference Report

"You've got to be kidding me. A leadership conference! What will they think of next?" This was my wife's initial response when I shared the news that as President-Elect, I am able (expected?) to attend a 2-day leadership conference in March in Falls Church, VA.

It sounded like an excuse to kick back and put on a pound or two at the expense of the association. I must admit I shared some of her reservations. But each of the past Presidents who have attended the event raved about the experience, so I packed my things and I went.

I am happy to report that the conference did live up to expectations. To a session, it was chock-full of information on the business of leading a local section.

How can we increase membership and meeting attendance? What topics are people interested in now? How can you entice members "on the bubble" into filling a rewarding position on the Board? How best to spend the revenue generated?

Probably most useful will be the numerous colleagues I met who are in the same position as we are in the Lehigh Valley Section - trying to provide reasonably priced, quality educational offerings, a place to commune with our colleagues, and support for our industrial hygiene community through contributions to local scholarships and the AIHA Foundation.

At the conference I learned that the AIHA name change proposal did not pass. Of the total AIHA membership roughly 52% did not vote, 25% voted for the name change and 22% voted against. Only 53% of those voting cast a vote for the name change, falling short of the 67% needed.

"Mutual Membership" will also be voted on by AIHA members sometime before 2002. The good news is that the system being talked about now will allow some category of associate or affiliate membership for those of you who are happy to be LV-AIHA members but cannot justify the added cost of membership to the parent organization (AIHA).

I've saved the best news for last, though. I came back from Virginia secure in the knowledge that our local section works. We offer quality technical presentations and low-cost CM points to our members.

We present a 2-day event every April including PDC(s) and a conference with vendors. We provide an informal setting for environmental, health and safety professionals to meet and network. We make a profit every year and each year we increase the amount we donate to worthy endeavors.

Each of our past Board members and our current Board have laid a solid foundation for the future of our Section and set a standard of excellence that it will be a challenge to continue. I invite you to join me.

Brian Cawley


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