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August 2000

August 18th Consortium Meeting

Emergency Planning and Reporting

The next consortium meeting is scheduled for the August 18th meeting. The speaker will be Greg Zweig from Dupont. Greg is a member of the local emergency planning committee and will be addressing emergency planning and reporting requirements including Sara Title 313 and Form R.

The August 18th meeting will be held at Mt. Moriah Holiday Inn from 11:30-1:00. The price is $12 to attend and includes a lunch buffet.

Consortium Meeting Dates Set

Dates have been set for Mid-South Consortium Meetings through the end of the year. The dates are:

The specific information including location, time, topic, and speaker will be announced one month prior to the event. As in the past, the "holiday meeting" held on December 1st will be at a special venue and will include fun, food, and prizes. MARK YOUR CALENDARS and stay tuned for more details!

2nd Annual Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Week

Dino’s back … AIHA has announced the celebration of the 2nd annual Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Week for August 28- September 1 in conjunction with Labor Day weekend. AIHA sponsors OEHS Week with the goal to bring a greater awareness of workplace and community health issues to the public. The theme, "Protecting Your Future...Today," highlights the far-reaching nature of occupational and environmental safety's impact on the public. In support of this national event, The Mid-South AIHA has submitted press releases to several area newspapers to promote awareness of occupational and environmental health and safety week and the AIHA. Check your local paper for this information during the month of August.

Our local section is also offering to provide speakers to youth organizations to promote health and safety to area youth. Topics may include discussions on issues such as noise, carbon monoxide, and household chemicals. If you are interested in assisting us with this effort, please contact indicating your interest and availability.

Mid-South AIHA Web Site Goes Live

As you may recall, our local section now has a web site. This web site includes information about our organization, its membership and activities. The 5 main pages of this website were designed to provide you with valuable information. These pages are:

  1. Calendar of Events: Upcoming events including both local and national activities.
  2. Contact Us: Email and phone numbers for each of your local officers and board members.
  3. Newsletter: Posting of monthly newsletter.
  4. Related sites: Links to key web sites used in our day-to-day activities such as OSHA or ACGIH.
  5. Job Page: Current health and safety jobs brought to our attention.

Recently, the General Safety Officer position at St. Jude was posted on our site. Leo Old, the former GSO at St. Jude who posted the position, said, "The Mid-South Section's web page was a valuable tool for recruiting quality candidates…We are glad we advertised on the site. I think the site will be a good networking tool for safety professionals."

This web site was designed to benefit you! If you have comments, suggestions, or information you wish to be posted, please submit this information to

Local President Saves the Day

If you missed the June Consortium meeting, you missed a treat. Ron Read, our illustrious president, was called upon to save the day after an unfortunate mix-up on meeting dates with our scheduled speaker. Ron reviewed information from national and current issues facing health and safety professionals. Many commented that is was a rare, but valuable session including much discussion among those that attended.

Thanks to Ron for having a Plan B and we apologize to each of you for the mix up. We are fine-tuning our planning procedures between the two organizations, with speakers, and with the hotel to prevent this from happening again. But if we do … Ron will be there to entertain all.

Embracing Change: 2001 Theme

Change is not only the theme of next year’s conference but also the name of the game. The previous AIHCE is now the Environmental Health and Safety Conference and Exposition (EHSce). This conference and exposition is scheduled for June 2-7, 2001 in New Orleans. 

No matter how YOU feel about change, you will experience a lot of it over the next year. Don't be caught by surprise. Don't let change blindly dictate your future. Be a master of change and stay at the forefront of your profession.

This conference will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in your profession in the challenging years ahead. Change can be a pathway to progress for some, a roadblock for others…which will it be for you?

See for information about this conference.


The AIHA Mission Statement:

"The American Industrial Hygiene Association is an organization of professionals dedicated to the recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental factors arising in or from the workplace, that may result in injury, illness, impairment, or affect the wellbeing of workers and members of the community."

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