Northwest Ohio Local Section

of the American Industrial Hygiene Association

Past Presidents

The following contribution was received from Dan Markiewicz, the first President of the NWO-AIHA:

“Doug McKee and I used to have lunch together and we would discuss the growing number of IHs in the Toledo area. We thought about getting all of us together for discussions and this naturally led to the idea of forming a local section of AIHA. We worked diligently with AIHA to form a local section. In 1984, the NWO-AIHA was formed and I was elected as the first President. Early active supporters of the NWO AIHA included Neal Leonhard (OI), Mike Gusifredi (OCF), Dennis Patrick (AGA Gas), Brian Malley (OI), Stephen Hall (MCO), Bob St. John (LOF), Joe Zuzik (LOF), Dick Walle, and a few others.”

Past Presidents of the NWO-AIHA

1984 Dan Markiewicz
1985 Rich Nieman
1986 Dick Walle
1987 Doug McKee
1988 Dennis Patrick
1989 Stephen Hall
1990 Patricia Bellm
1991 Doug Clutts
1992 Michael Bisesi
1993 Rich Nieman
1994 Farhang Akbar
1995 Dick Walle
1996 Ruben Rivas
1997 Monty Stollar
1998 John Horoschak
1999 Tom Carroll
2000 Michael Valigosky
2001 Jeff McLeod
2002 Jim Less
2003 Jeff Hildreth
2004 Heather Lorenz
2005 Jim Less
2006 April Ames
2007 Kathleen Murdock
2008 Sheryl Milz
2009 Bess Huyghe
2010 David Ellingsworth
2011 Joanna Gorse




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