Upper Midwest Local Section

of the American Industrial Hygiene Association


Membership to the UMS is only $15.00 per year. Membership will give you event discounts and access to the AIHA Webinar series at no additional cost.  The annual AIHA-UMS membership cycle is January 1 through December 31.  You can renew your membership to National AIHA and the Upper Midwest Section in the same transaction, or renew only your UMS membership if you choose.  Click the link below that best describes your membership status, and register or renew for the 2013 season now!

  • I'd like to renew both my membership to both National AIHA and the Upper Midwest Section: Click here.
  • I'd like to renew my Upper Midwest Section membership, but I'm not a National member: Click here.
  • I would like to register for the first time as a new member: Click here.





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