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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis, or RCA, is a fundamental piece of corrective action. You can’t possibly know if the changes you are making will effectively resolve the issue unless you can get to the root cause. 

The first step in finding, and fixing, the root cause of a problem is identifying the problem, issue, or nonconformity. There are many ways to investigate the root cause of an issue, from simple brainstorming or “The 5 Whys”, to in depth cause and effect or fishbone diagrams.

Once the root cause is determined, the brainstorming continues to find workable solutions. If more than one solution is identified you must evaluate each one to find the best, and most effective, solution and only then should you implement it. While “human error” is a favorite fallback for the less experienced root cause investigator, it doesn’t go far enough into determining the true root cause, so use caution when assigning human error as a root cause. 

Finally, you must measure and assess the outcome, monitor the solution, and see if the problem was fully resolved. This evaluation of effectiveness provides additional insight into the resolution of the root cause and is integral to the process.

Root cause may seem overwhelming, burdensome, and tedious to some, but for those of us in the know, it is a terrific tool for continuous improvement.