Fall 2017

A Message from the Chair: Deborah Ime​​l Nelson, PhD, CIH, Chair of the AIHF Board of Trustees

With the graying of the profession, we all realize that we need to encourage and support the next generation of industrial hygienists. As part of the leadership of AIHA and AIHF, I am often asked by our members, ‘How can I get involved? How can I make a difference?’ One way is through AIHF. ​By donating to the Foundation, we are setting the future of industrial hygiene up for success​. Not to mention, we can give deserving young people the opportunity to pursue their dreams. 

The most fun I’ve ever had with AIHA is awarding scholarships to our undergraduate and graduate students. They are talented, dedicated, smart, passionate, and articulate. We can rest easy knowing that the future of our profession is in their hands.  

I recently made a bequest in my will to leave money to AIHF after I no longer need it. Please join me in adding a bequest to AIHF in your will. You’ll sleep better for it, knowing that you’re helping a talented student and ensuring the future of our profession. You can find a copy of the Declaration of Intent here​ and more information on donating on our main donation page.

Deadline for Student Scholarshi​p Submissions 

Are you an IH student in need of a scholarship? Be sure to apply! AIHF will be accepting scholarship applications from mid-November through January 19th. You can learn more by visiting the AIHF website.

Deadline for 2018 Scholarships 

Are you interested in establishing a scholarship? What better way to leave a lasting legacy then awarding the next generation of IHs the chance to pursue their dreams? If you are interested in awarding a scholarship, don’t miss your deadline to donate and apply​. Recommendations and funds are due by the end of the year, December 31, 2017. 

Donate Today and Hel​p IHs Tomorrow  

By making a donation to AIHF you help to usher in the new league of industrial hygienists entering the field. Plus, making a difference is easier than ever! The new member portal will allow you to make a donation online all you have to do is log into your account here​

Featured Scholarship​: TSI – Arthur J. Abrams Scholarship

The Arthur J. Abrams/TSI Incorporated scholarship was endowed by the Abrams Family and TSI in memory of Arthur (Art) Abrams. Art was a vendor in the industrial hygiene community, having been introduced to industrial hygiene instrumentation by Fred Schadt who ran the Travelers' Industrial Hygiene Instrumentation Lab. Art built his distribution and manufacturers' rep business around Sipin Pumps, Metrosonics Audio Dosimeters, Gillian pumps, and other equipment. Art always looked for business opportunities wherever his children lived – creating a great way to combine business trips with pleasure. When Art's son, David, was hired on at 3M in 1983, Art found TSI. Art needed an air velocity meter and TSI needed a distributor in the Northeast. Thus, started a wonderful business relationship and friendship between Art and the folks at TSI which brought good growth in both businesses, creativity in new products, and lasted until his death in 1994. This friendship continues to this day between David and TSI.  

The Arthur J. Abrams/TSI Incorporated Scholarship was established to help industrial hygiene students in the Northeast and in Minnesota continue their education. Special consideration is also given to students making a career change to enter our profession. Had Art not made a career change, none of these friendships would have formed, nor might David have found industrial hygiene as a career. These changes were also important to Art because of career changes made by his late daughter Judy, that led to more job satisfaction for her as well.

Art's wife, Dorothy, and David agreed that the establishment of this scholarship was a fitting way to remember Art and to recognize the things he held dear: his family and friends as well as a business and profession that provided for his family. Given the close friendship and working relationship between the A.J. Abrams Company and TSI, it seemed only fitting and appropriate to invite them to help fully fund this scholarship at the $100,000 level. We are all glad for this continuing partnership and ongoing friendships made stronger through this mutual commitment to the Industrial Hygiene profession.

David Abrams, CIH, FAIHA has served as Treasurer and President of the AIHF and on the scholarship review committee, and has found the phone calls informing students of their scholarship awards among the most rewarding things he's done in his career.

​Emmanuel Z​ervoudakis

University of Michigan Endowed Scholarship Recipient   

“In addition to pursuing a rigorous course load at the University of Michigan, the support of this award enables me to engage in enriching extracurricular research and community activities. Truly, I have found my experiences with Dr. Neitzel's Exposure Research Lab, the Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering, and the University of Michigan Student Association to be among the most informative and rewarding I have had in graduate school. And they would not have been possible without the financial support of generous resources such as the scholarship.”

Taylor A.​ Orr

New England Local Section Scholarship Recipient 

“At a young age I knew that I wanted to help people and make a change in the world. This degree in industrial hygiene will make this dream become a reality. Growing up in a community that dealt heavily (with) brick manufacturing, I learned the importance of safety and industrial hygiene. They played a role in the lives of a great number of individuals. After seeing many people from occupational injuries, I want to create as much change in the world as I possibly can. I am looking forward to my future in this field and will push to be the change that I want to see.”

Eric C. Sapp

West Virginia University Endowed Scholarship Recipient 

“Since 2009 I have been working toward completing a Master’s degree in industrial hygiene through Montana Tech’s professional track/distance-learning program. This spring, I completed my capstone project at MTech, leaving only one credit hour left to graduate, which will require traveling from Morgantown, West Virginia to Butte, Montana for a week of labs and practical exams in June. Between the cost of tuition which is almost $750, traveling by Greyhound bus 2,000 miles each way for nearly $300 round-trip, housing, meals, and other miscellaneous expenses, the scholarship will pay for all of my expenditures to graduate with my Master’s in IH this summer. I cannot graduate without completing this requirement and the financial support provided through the scholarship helps me afford to do so. The AIHA Foundation is literally providing the funds necessary to help me complete my IH degree. Any money left over will go toward my expenses as a doctoral student of Occupational Safety and Health. I am deeply appreciative and thankful for the scholarship. Thank you so very much!”​​​​​​​​​​​​​