AIHF General Scholarship

The American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF) is a charitable organization that operates exclusively for educational, scientific, literary, and research purposes. Its mission is to advance the profession by awarding scholarships for students in industrial hygiene and related disciplines.

The AIHF has awarded scholarships to deserving students since its inception in 1981.  These scholarships are made possible through generous donations from individuals, local sections, and corporations. All students meeting the AIHF general scholarship criteria are eligible for this scholarship.


​Dylan R. Anderson, Utah State University
Tanner E. Christensen, Utah State University
Nicholas P. Grisso, University of Cincinnati
Amanda S. Hebert, Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Brenna K. Hogan, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Stephy V. Molina, Purdue University
​Temitope O. Oluwadairo, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Emily R. Schmick, Johns Hopkins University
Nicholas W. Turnbeaugh, University of Central Missouri
Christine M. Uebel-Niemeier, University of Cincinnati
Steven L. Wright, University of North Alabama
Anna S. Young, Harvard University 

​Corey Boles, University of Iowa
Shannon Johnson, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Theresa McCollom, University of Iowa
Benjamin Moore, University of North Alabama
Oluwatoniloba Okuwobi, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Peggy Paduraru, University of British Columbia
Benjamin Weiler, Montana Tech of the University of Montana
James Fay, Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Kikelomo M. Akintunde, University of North Texas Health Science Center
Stephanie N. Caler, University of Arizona
Jason S. Garcia, University of South Florida
Ezazul Haque, Hunter College - City University of New York 
Emanehi L. Iyioriobhe, University of North Texas Health Science Center 
Jack W. Kerr, University of Oklahoma
Laura A. Krause, Colorado State University
Gilbert L. Rivera Jr., University of Arizona
Megan F. Rockafellow, Rutgers - The State Unviersity of New Jersey
Alexa A. Shahan, University of Utah 
Donald Ashley, University of Montana
Heidi Basian, University of Utah
Ericka Crosley, Air Force Institute of Technology
Amanda Dean, Murray State University
Nicole Gryska, University of Minnesota
Rasha Khalil, Murray State University
Katherine McNamara, University of California, Los Angeles
Anthony Mixco, Colorado State University
Eric Ward, Purdue University
Brenna K. Finley, University of Michigan
Maya Zein, Waye State University   
Kanistha Chatterjee, University of Cincinnati
Daniel M. Gorum, Colorado State University
Florence Janvier, Universite de Montreal
Jill E. Kauker, Tulane University
Clint Pinion, University of Texas
Amanda L. VanDyke, Colorado State University
Angela Wills, University of Cincinnati   
Felix Boachie, University of Cincinnati
Corry Cranston, Colorado State University
Olananrewaju Samuel Gbeminiyi, John Hopkins University
Erin Guy, McGill University
Cathy Liu, St. Louis University
Xiaofeng Liu, Murray State University
Moayyede Mandegar, University of Central Missouri
Ola Olatunde, University of North Texas
Cassandra Porchas, University of Arizona
Jeff Shapiro, Colorado State University
Adowa Agyepong, University of Georgia
Gideon St. Helen, University of Georgia  
Brie M. Hawley, Colorado State University
Kerry J. Krause, University of Iowa
Braxton V. Lewis, West Virginia University
Jennifer M. Thomasen, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Olorunfemi T. Adetona, University of Georgia
Nancy Brinton, University of Utah  
Khadeeja Abdullah, University of California – Los Angeles
John Breskey, University of Illinois- Chicago 
Loren Kaehn, University of Washington   
Jason Nakatsu, Colordao State University
Amy R. Rogers. Murray State University
Megan E. Sandy, West Virginia University   
Randall L. Brillhart, Medical College of Ohio
Cara Casten, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jeannette Cunningham, Murray State University
Maritza Garcia, University of Texas, Houston
Michael A. Hunt, Purdue University
Ted Juarez, San Diego State University
Feng Li, University of Oklahoma
Millie Lin-Fan Chu, University of California, Los Angeles
Ming-Lun Lu, University of Cincinnati
Siliva Maberti, University of Texas, Houston
Raymond Master, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jennifer Richmond, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Christian Shin, University of California, Los Angeles
Barry Stephenson, Murray State University
Jeremy Slagely, University of Iowa
Matt Smitha, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Gregory Troxell, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jay Vietas, Colorago State University
Joan Widerman, Wayne State University Yasmeen Alexander, Wayne State University
Craig Yee, University of British Columbia
Chandran Achutan, University of Iowa
Michelle Adams, Colorado State University
David Aaron Altom, University of Oklahoma
Edward Auyang, University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Paul Becker, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Randy Boylstein, Purdue University
David J. Carleski, Medical College of Ohio
Demetra Dalamagas, West Virginia University
Carl Farley, University of Utah
L. Fayr Grimsley, University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Duane Hoge, Murray State University
Laurel Kincl, University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Robert Knobel, Wayne State University
Laura LaRosa, Johns Hopkins University
Michelle L. Marsh, West Virginia University
Tabatha J. Mitchell, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Jason T. Pierreroy, University of British Columbia
Gerald D. Pineda, University of California, Los Angeles
Mark Powley, Purdue University
Jonathan Roberts, University of Utah 
Christopher L. Rose, University of Michigan
Ronald C. Stockley, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Belinda Thielen, University of Illinois at Chicago
John Volckens, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Alec Wong, San Diego State University
Kristina M. Zierold, University of Illinois at Chicago   
Greg Bonder, University of Utah
Christopher Catlett, Colorado State University
Joseph Coble, Johns Hopkins University
Richard DeFend, Murray State University
Kim Ellis, Colorado State University
John A. Frazer, West Virginia University
Wayne Gaul, University of South Carolina
Tonya James, Murray State University
Mary M. Jenison, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Shelley Kirychuk, University of Iowa
Bonita Kuntz-Johnson, University of Texas, Houston
Joshua Harney, University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Patricia Harris, University of California, Los Angeles
Kejian Li, University of Oklahoma
Gediminas Mainelis, University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Christina L. Picciano, University of Illinois at Chicago
Gerald Plattenberg, Wayne State University
Michelle Halle Stern, University of Illinois at Chicago
Alex H. Stubner, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Peng-Cheng Sung, University of California, Los Angeles
Cynthia D. Twining, Medical College of Ohio
Jeffrey Vardis, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Sharon Watkins, West Virginia University
Michael P. Wilson, University of California, Berkley
Melinda A. Anderson, West Virginia University
Jay L. Brown, Medical College of Ohio
Shawn Frasier, University of Utah
Dewey Hall, Montana Tech
Wenli Hao, Purdue University
Jennifer Hill, University of Michigan
Bradley Howell, West Virginia University
Nani P. Kadrichu, University of California, Los Angeles
Brad King, St. Louis University
Jia-Rong Jinn, Colorado State University
Sandra W. Huang, University of Illinois at Chicago
Martin L. Jones, University of Iowa
Virginie Leenknecht, University of California, Los Angeles
Claudiu T. Lungu, University of South Carolina
Judith Marchetti, University of Minnesota
Philip N. Mole, University of Illinois at Chicago
Anita Mujumdar, University of Michigan
Tommey Meyers, University of Washington
Joseph Torey Nalbone, Texas A&M University
Dean S. Nichols, University of Alabama
Robin Pepperman, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Preetha Rajarman, University of Washington
Andrew Ross, University of British Columbia
Shashi Seetharam Kini, Purdue University
Shoaib Siddiqi, Wayne State University
Avula Sreenath, University of Michigan
Don C. Westbrook, University of Utah
Mary Lynn Burke, University of New Haven
Michele L. Byrum, Purdue University 
Michelle Marie Carpenter, Drexel University
Carrie L. Carrell, University of Washington
Leslie Cronkite, University of Iowa
Sampa Das, West Virginia University
Michael P. DeLorme, Wayne State University
Robert J. Drexelius, University of Cincinnati
Lois A. Etre, University of Iowa
Victor Fa, Johns Hopkins University
Shala Farhat, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Paul W. Fowler, University of Arizona
Stpehanie Lyn Franke, University of Michigan
Maria J. George, Temple University
Lisa Hill, Montana Tech
Dale Hills, University of British Columbia
Ye Hu, Harvard University
Chwan-Fu Lai, University of Cincinnati
Jennifer L. Lambden, Texas A&M University
Monica J. Lambert, University of Arizona
Sean Mahar, University of Iowa
Joseph S. Margetiak, Wayne State University
Michel C. McDaniel, St. Louis University
Diedra V. McGhee, University of Alabama
Douglas H. Moody, University of Washington
Joseph Scott Paradis, University of Texas, Houston
David Paul Pickard, Texas A&M University
Roxanne Present, University of Michigan
Michael J. Rizzo, University of Illinois
Rebecca Kay Rush, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Susan M. Sebille, University of Iowa
Charles D. Stansbury, West Virginia University
Joseph Steensma, Drexel University
Matthew A. Stein, University of Iowa
Sharon Marie Stetz, Medical College of Ohio
Jason N. Stookesberry, University of Iowa
John S. Switag, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Michael R. Van Winkle, University of Illinois
Monica Wells, University of Oklahoma
Brent L. Yeagy, Purdue University 
Craig Baugh, Texas A&M University
Mary Louise Benson, University of Utah
James Blando, Johns Hopkins University
Don C. Buckman, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Victoria Cathcart, University of New Haven
Bruce W. Clements, St Louis University
Suenda Clewis, Texas A&M University
Tom Collet, University of Utah
Marlaine S. B. Cox, University of New Haven
Julie A. Crawford, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Mark Davis, University of Utah
Gregory A. Day, University of Oklahoma
P. Andrew French, West Virginia University
Robert S. Gaydos, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Matthew K. Gemmell, University of South Carolina
Jayanta K. Ghosh, University of South Carolina
Jerry George, Temple University
Matthew Grothaus, Medical College of Ohio
Gretchen Sue Hall, University of Cincinnati, Medical Center
Michelle M. Homan, University of Michigan
Barbara J. Jackson, University of Texas Houston
Barbara Kessler, Medical College of Ohio
David Killough, Texas A&M University
Aparna Krishnamohan, University of South Carolina
Karen R. Lutgring, Purdue University
Daniel E. McGee, Montana Tech
Patrice Miner, University of Washington
Daniel D. Mitchell, University of Utah
David Michael Olsen, University of Washington
Rao Papineni, Purdue University
Yinge Qian, University of Cincinnati, Medical Center
Laurence E. Rosen, University of Michigan
Sandip S. Sandhu, University of British Columbia
Barbara Schmid, Colorado State University
Alice E. Schmidt, Montana Tech
Diane E. Schumacher, Purdue University
Lawrence Rixk Shassets, University of Arizona
Sharon S. Shindell, University of Texas, Houston
Lonnie Smith, Texas A&M University
Tim Stauder, University of Illinois at Chicago
Joseph Steensma, St. Louis University
Mark Allen Strength, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Albert T. Stutz, West Virginia University
Maryann Suero, University of Illinois at Chicago
Lisa L. Y. Tan, University of British Columbia
Mary Watson, Colorado State University
Barbara Woods, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Dagan Wright, University of Utah
Katherine Mary Wright, University of Arizona
Joseph Chung, University of Illinois, Chicago
Cynthia L. Cozza, University of Washington
Danielle R. Delaughder, Montana Tech
Philip B. Drope, University of Arkansas
Karalynn E. Ell, University of British Columbia
Philip T. Fontenelle, Johns Hopkins University
Julie A. Gahn, University of Washington
John K. Goins, University of Tennessee
Donna B. Hannah, University of Texas Houston
Mark A. Hickey, University of Oklahoma
Judith C. Hinch, Old Dominion University
Laurel Johnson, University of California, Berkeley
Ruth Kerzee, University of Illinois at Chicago
Michelle Lewis, Old Dominion University
Jana L. Lienemann, Johns Hopkins University
Joy P. MacDonald, University of New Haven
Graham K. Munsell, Montana Tech 
Katherine Murray, University of Texas, Houston
Deborah Neal, West Virginia University
Debbie L.S. Park, University of Arizona
Michael E. Peterson, University of Arizona
Christina E. Robertson, Texas A&M University
Joy Lynne Shular, University of Tennessee
Scott M. Solomon, West Virginia University
Paul Sullivan, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jamie Jones Weyenberg, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Steven Black, University of Arizona
Eden Rae Bozman, Montana Tech
Sheila Breen, University of Illinois at Chicago
Harriet R. Brown, Johns Hopkins University
Paul Chao, University of Utah
Thomas Clark, University of Utah
Seita Coleman, University of Texas, Houston
Jennifer A. Darrow, University of Illinois at Chicago
Karen DeGalan, Purdue University
Jyun-De Wu, University of California, Berkley
Mark Dudle, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Abby Duke, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Rebecca A. Fitzpatrick, University of Utah
Barry Graffeo, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Adam S. Harbour, Montana Tech
Mary Jaffee, University of Texas, Houston
Anita Khetpal, University of South Carolina
Kathy Phillips, University of Texas, Houston
Richard S. Malek, Johns Hopkins University
Rosanne Menezes, University of Illinois at Chicago
Ella M. Rice, University of South Carolina
Alyson Ruiz, University of Arizona
Jacqueline Scott, University of Arizona
Anna K. Shore, Old Dominion University
Mark Smith, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Douglas C. Thornton, University of Utah
John R. Ward, Old Dominion University