Clyde M. Berry Scholarship

The Clyde M. Berry Scholarship was endowed in 1998 through generous donations from Dr. Berry’s former students, colleagues, friends and family. All students meeting the AIHF general scholarship criteria are eligible for this scholarship. However, preference is given to students attending the University of Iowa.

Introducing Dr. Berry

Clyde M. Berry is described as a man who was totally committed to every task he set out to accomplish. His personal philosophy of being totally committed extended to people, as well as tasks.

Dr. Berry entered the field of industrial hygiene in 1941 after receiving a doctorate degree from the University of Iowa. His career track included roles as a Public Health Service officer and a corporate industrial hygiene manager before he returned to the University of Iowa, where he established a research institute dedicated to agriculture health and safety.

Dr. Berry was a certified industrial hygienist and a member of AIHA, serving as its president in 1967. He received the Donald E. Cummings Memorial Award and the Distinguish Service Award from AIHA.

He retired from the University of Iowa as professor emeritus. His former students fondly remember him as having had a generous spirit, a wonderful sense of humor and a passion for ensuring the best academic experience on their behalf. Dr. Berry lived in a retirement community in Hendersonville, N.C. until his passing in July 2007.




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