Paul Schilinski Scholarship

Paul Schilinski Scholarship sponsored by the AIHA Safety Committee.


Paul Schilinski, CSP, has spent his working lifetime serving in the military and in employment concerned with the safety and welfare of others.  Paul Schilinski has been a Mine Safety Instructor, an OSHA Consultant, Consumer Product Safety Compliance Officer, Safety Manager for the National Park Service, and Regional Director and then Safety Program Manager for the Virginia Occupational Safety & Health Program.  Most importantly for those who worked with Paul he was an exceptional mentor, a brilliant and fair supervisor who encouraged others to improve themselves, was generous with his time and always had something erudite to say at the right time.

Recommended qualities of the awarded:
  • Desire to serve in the military/have served in the military
  • Desire to have a career in Mine Safety or a career addressing silica exposure
  • Desire to help others  in the profession

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