Impact of Your Donations

​Since 1982, AIHF has distributed nearly $2 million to 680 students studying industrial hygiene, and related disciplines, at 54 different schools and universities. We couldn’t do it without you. 

Thanks to your generous donations, deserving students can pursue their educational goals, overcome hardships, and achieve their dreams. We hope you’ll continue making an impact on the lives of aspiring IH students facing various challenges in their pursuit of professional development.

Meet just a few of our scholarship recipients to hear how you’ve touched their lives and are furthering the profession.  

Paige Gallant 

Paige is a recipient of the Kyle B. Dotson and AIHF ​scholarships. Burdened with additional medical expenses, with little left to set aside for education, these scholarships have helped relieve her financial difficulties tremendously.

Debt has been a considerable burden for me over the last few years as I was born with a permanent disability called spina bifida – a neurological disorder that has greatly affected my health in various ways. Despite having good healthcare, my disability costs a considerable amount every year for specialized medical treatments and supplies. Therefore, this award will ultimately relieve some of my financial stress so that I can focus solely on my studies. I am so grateful for people like you that understand the hardships of students and express your empathy through gifts that truly make a difference.

Paige’s story was recently featured on the SynergistNOW blog. Learn more about her journey​.

Vishal Nathu (MSIG, Charles F. Redinger and AIH​F​ Scholarships)

“Professionally and academically, my dreams are possible because of donors like yourself. It is because of you that I can continue at the doctoral level. It is because of you that I do not have to take out loans. It is because of you that I push myself to my limits, until the breaking point, then build even more. Your commitment and generosity will never go unseen. I do hope you continue to fund the dreams of others, as you are greatly funding mine. It is my intent to make you proud, and show you what these scholarships will do for me, the roads they will forge for me, the knowledge they will allow me to obtain, and most importantly – help our customer, the worker.”

Jay Clinger


At the age of 23, Jay Clinger has already had several IH internships, attended two AIHce EXP conferences, and won several AIHF scholarships. Thanks to opportunities AIHF scholarships have provided through your generous donations, Jay has less financial obligations blocking his path towards a successful career in industrial hygiene. His long-term plan is to get a PhD and then go back to teaching after being in the industry for 10 to 15 years.

Karina Hernandez (Board of Certified Safety Professionals Scholarship)

“As a first-generation student and a daughter of immigrants, college has been an immense undertaking. However, with financial help, such as the BCSP scholarship, I am closer to completing my degree and contributing to this awesome field. As a daughter of parents who work heavy, industrial-type jobs, I value and understand the magnitude and value of this type of work.”

Alyson Gray

IAMIH-AlysonGray_390x495px.jpgA 24-year-old AIHF scholarship recipient and AIHA member, Alyson received her undergraduate degree in public health and quickly found her calling in industrial hygiene. She enrolled in the industrial hygiene master’s program at the University of Iowa and received the Clyde M. Berry Scholarship last year which has helped her continue her professional goals in industrial hygiene. Alyson is also part of the AIHA mentoring program​.

“I would like to thank all of the donors for their support while I was a student, and for believing in supporting upcoming professionals. As someone who found out about Industrial Hygiene later in my undergraduate academic career, and felt like I had a long path ahead of me to connect to others and learn about the field, their support has definitely helped me and strengthened my connection to it all.”

Courtney Crawford (Kyle B. Dotson and AIHF Scholarships)

“As a young professional, it has been extremely refreshing to enter a community that is so giving of their time and resources. This scholarship is another example of such a welcoming community. Thank you again for this gift! I really appreciate the recognition.”

Gladys Keino 


“While I was growing up, being raised in a family of 10, I struggled going to school as we did not have the financial ability to buy stationary. I survived on one meal a day, throughout my undergraduate program. So, the scholarship you have given unto me means more than just money to me. It will enable me to pursue and complete the required coursework and be able to stay on track on the path of becoming an Industrial Hygienist.”

“I had an internship in Taiwan OSHA and witnessed how the unsafe and illegal workplaces were. Most of the workers’ pay their health and lives in exchange for their salaries. I made up my mind to protect workers from injuries and death at that time… Thank you again for your generosity in this scholarship. I am so glad that I am on my way now.”