A Message from AIHA's President Regarding Wildfires in California

Dear AIHA Member,

On October 27, 2017, I sent a letter to the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, offering our condolences, resources on wildfire response, assistance, and recommendations for protecting the health and safety of residents and recovery workers. In the letter, I shared the following AIHA resources with him: Health and Safety Issues in Natural Disasters (PDF), AIHA’s Wildfire Specific Hazards, AIHA’s Consultants Listing, and the Industrial Hygienists’ Roles and Responsibilities in Emergency Preparedness and Response White Paper (PDF).

If you have been affected by the recent fire or are involved in the cleanup, please do not hesitate to contact AIHA for additional assistance. We are so saddened to hear of the devastation this disaster has caused and as always, we want to help those in our community in any way we can. For questions or more information please contact Sue Marchese at smarchese@aiha.org. You can find the full letter here. 


Deborah Imel Nelson

AIHA President (2017-2018)​