About AIHA

American Industrial Hygiene Association®

​​​​Who We Are

Founded in 1939, AIHA is a nonprofit organization devoted to achieving and maintaining the highest professional standards for its members. More than half of the nearly 8,500 members are certified industrial hygienists (CIHs), and many hold other professional designations. AIHA 
administers comprehensive education programs that keep occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals current in the field of industrial hygiene.​

AIHA is one of the largest international associations serving OEHS professionals practicing industrial hygiene and is a resource for those in large corporations, small businesses and who work independently as consultants.​


Creating knowledge to protect worker health


Elimination of workplace illnesses

The Profession

Industrial hygienists anticipate health and safety concerns and design solutions to prevent them. They are the guardians of workplace safety, applying science to identify and solve health and safety problems. Industrial hygienists also unite management, workers and all segments of a company behind the common goal of health and safety.​


The Synergist is a monthly magazine with in-depth news and information about the OEHS fields and the industrial hygiene profession.

The Synergist focuses on:
  • Industry trends and news

  • ​Government and regulatory activities

  • Key issues facing the profession

  • Technical information

  • News on association events and activities

  • Government and regulatory activities

  • Key issues facing the profession

  • Technical information

  • News on association events and activities​

The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene is published to enhance the knowledge and practice of OEHS. JOEH publishes ideas, methods, processes and research in the areas of:

  • Occupational hygiene

  • Industrial hygiene

  • Environmental hygiene

  • Exposure assessment

  • Engineering controls

  • Occupational and environmental epidemiology

  • Medicine and toxicology

  • Ergonomics​

Since 1979, AIHA has produced and distributed the Consultant’s Listing, a searchable print and online directory of its consultant members. This listing is the leading directory of industrial hygiene and other OEHS consultant and is freely available to the public.

Volunteer Groups

AIHA has more than 45 scientific and technical committees, task forces and working groups that deal with the OEHS challenges faced daily by industrial hygiene experts and workers worldwide. Access a complete directory of Volunteer Groups.​ 

AIHA Guarantee

Our pledge is to provide you with quality experiences and the tools and resources you need to protect worker health. If any AIHA® product, service or program does not meet your expectations, we want to know about it and make the situation right. Customer service is our number one goal and we won’t be happy until you are.

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