AIHA in the News

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March 2014

B.C. sawmills struggle to comply with dust regulations 
03/28/2014 (The Vancouver Sun)​

February 2014

State regulatory highlights: Key workplace safety issues for 2014

02/14/2014 (Safety BLR)

Obama's Vow to Use Executive Authority Could Trickle Down to OSHA, Other Agencies
02/03/14 (Bloomberg Law)​​​

January 2014

Safety Resources for Hospital Workers Announced
01/20/14 (SHRM Online)​​​

New study shows veteran firefighters can last longer in fiery work conditions
01/09/14 (Ottawa Sun)​​

Can't take the heat? Neither can aging firefighters: Study
01/10/14 (Metro News Canada)​​​

December 2013
Washington Post accuses Obama administration of deliberately delaying rulemaking
12/16/13 (Industrial Safety and Hygiene News)

November 2013
Target 8: Dying on the job 
11/14/13 (WOOD-TV)

OSHA Database Plan Draws Fire
11/8/13 (The Wall Street Journal)

America's Most Dangerous Workplace Isn't Where You'd Expect
11/8/13 (National Journal)​

Businesses Critical of U.S. Proposal for Workplace Safety ​​​Database
(The Wall Street Journal)  Note: Subscription is required.

Countdown: 30 Days to Meet OSHA's GHS Training Deadline
11/1/13 (SHRM Online)

October 2013​

PCBs - The Next Building Liability Wave?​ 
10/9/13 (Durability+Design)

Registry program offers credential to prepare for Dec. 1 GHS deadline
10/8/13 (The EHS Voice)

September 2013

After OSHA’s silica proposal, the deluge?
09/04/13 (Industrial Safety and Hygiene News)