AIHA's new LEGO® logo was initially conceived as a community-building project that was to take place during AIHce EXP 2020 in Atlanta. Because of the global pandemic, the live conference was canceled. However, the mosaic project was relocated to AIHA's Virginia headquarters, where the logo was built on-site and then mounted in the office lobby. The project was not canceled because the art creation, delivery, and installation remained a cost-effective solution to having a custom logo made and mounted. Additionally, AIHA acquired three times the number of limited edition mini kits by saving on the travel costs to Atlanta; instead of 20 numbered kits, 60 were produced for the Association for promotional purposes.

AIHA also commissioned the creation of smaller mosaics of the Association's three past logos. These framed pieces were initially designated for a silent auction to benefit the AIHFoundation. Currently, they remain on-site at the AIHA national office. The art pieces will be auctioned off for the AIHF in the future.

Those who would like to acquire and build their own AIHA logo Minikit, a PDF instruction booklet with a full parts list at the end, are available below for your reference. If you're interested in being notified about upcoming opportunities to acquire a kit, please fill out the information at the booklet's beginning.

Instructions and Parts List (so you can build your own logo!)