AIHA's Social Media Disclaimer

​The articles that appear via American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA) social media platforms (including Facebook and Twitter) are chosen from a variety of sources to reflect media coverage of the industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety fields. An article's inclusion on AIHA’s social media platforms does not imply that AIHA endorses, supports, or verifies its contents or expressed opinions. Factual errors are the responsibility of the listed publication.​

AIHA Social Media Guidelines

AIHA asks that all subject matter experts (SMEs), volunteers, and Board Members engaging in social media activities on behalf of AIHA refer to the social media policy​​.

AIHA’s goal in adopting its social media policy is to encourage responsible and consistent engagement and communication with our public. Please note that this policy is only applicable to social media sites set up on behalf of AIHA. This does not apply to personal accounts but accounts formed under the auspices of using AIHA’s name and/or affiliated communities, local sections, councils, and volunteer groups of any kind.​​