Leadership Challenge


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It's time.

No, really - it's time to show the world who an industrial hygienist is and what you do as an everyday workplace hero. And AIHA is here to help you do just that.

The #IAmIH Leadership Challenge runs through 2017 and is designed to help you to promote the profession within your community. You'll also be building ties with AIHA's national and local sections, connecting with your peers, and getting to know new faces joining in this venerable career path.

Most importantly, we want you to have fun!

For more information on how to help your region and section rise up the ranks and take the win, we've assembled this short PDF and a quick video for review. When you're ready to go, venture over to our Outreach Center for a multitude of tools you can use to help augment your presentation.

Share your victories and stories through social media, using the #IAmIH and other hashtags as mentioned in the Challenge document.

Let's get out there and spread the word for 2017!

Congrats once again to the mid-year winners of the 2017 Leadership Challenge! But don’t get comfortable – the challenge is still ongoing through the end of 2017! To those who didn’t win, there’s still time! To those who might be “phoning it in,” now is your chance to surge ahead and overtake the mid-year winners. Finally, to the mid-year winners -- lookout! -- keep presenting if you want to keep those bragging rights... 

Tips for a fast path to success:

  • What kind of presentation counts? It can be about #SafetyMatters, a PPE demo, #IHProPath, #IAMIH, or you can make your own. Whatever you do, just simply present and create awareness! Visit the Outreach Resource Center for a huge selection of tools and feel free to use anything that resonates with you and your audience.
  • Contact the front offices at your local schools (all grade levels) – ask for the science department! Offer to speak at their science club or career day.
  • Visit the Safety Matters resource center.
  • For high school presentations, try downloading and using the NIOSH PowerPoint presentation (find the link in the Safety Matters Center). Show up and speak. Answer questions. Take a picture. Post to Twitter. Easy!
  • Here’s an additional fun tool to use during your high school presentations: our first installment of the award winning “I Am IH” documentary! NOTE: get it cleared with the teacher first, as there is content regarding a gun range and controlled substances unit. It IS on the side of the #IHHeroes though, so you should be fine!
  • Here's another great video promoting awareness of teen safety in the workplace.
  • For elementary and middle school presentations, try partnering up with a local PPE vendor to demo some cool gear or create your own fun presentation with a mascot and talk about why safety matters so much.
  • Go to Twitter and do a search using #IAMIH plus any of the individual regions below to see activity, check the progress (and get ideas?!) from your competition:
    • #NE
    • #NW
    • #Pacific
    • #SC
    • #South
    • #Central
    • #MA
    • #MW

MUST-HAVES in your posts:

  • You absolutely must have the correct hashtags in your post: #IAMIH *PLUS* your regional hashtag. 
  • Don’t forget the photos!
    • HINT: better photos will also give you the edge.
    • TIP: Hand your camera phone to an assistant (recruit the teacher or aide!), and have them take a “wide” photo from behind the students to show you giving the presentation, and show somewhat how large and impactful your presentation is. Remember to do your best to take pictures showing students, but concealing their faces as best you can.