Leadership Challenge

It's time.

No, really - it's time to show the world who an industrial hygienist is and what you do as an everyday workplace hero. And AIHA is here to help you do just that.

Unless you and other IHs educate and encourage kids about the profession, there could be a brain drain 5… 10… 15 years from now as senior career professionals age/retire out of the profession. We must fill the pipeline of with IH’s of the future, and the way to do that is through telling everyone what it is, and that it exists for them.

You’re doing a public service to the schools and the community by presenting them an option for a career path which perhaps they never knew was possible.

Even if they don’t want to be in IH, you’re raising a meaningful awareness about safety in the workplace for teens.

What we're asking you to do is step outside of your comfort zone for a little and share about your job to the next generation of workers - those who are still in elementary and secondary schools. Talk to them about how amazing and varied a career it is. How rewarding it can be. 

And how you have turned into a hero hidden in plain sight!

Why is this so important?

Because although many of these kids won't necessarily turn to IH as a career, they WILL be more aware of workplace safety and health. Which means they'll already be advocates-in-waiting when they enter the workforce in a few years, because they'll at least understand the significance of industrial hygiene and why it's so important.

Thank you again for your participation! You are #IHHeroes, making the world a better place one Leadership Challenge presentation at a time. Now go forth and conquer!!!​

If you've already stepped out to share the profession with our next generations, THANK YOU! And if you haven't, it's never too late to start! We encourage you to step out into your communities and talk about industrial hygiene as a rewarding and exciting career choice. It's crucial that we present this fantastic and challenging career option, so let's keep the ball rolling!

Tips for a fast path to success:

  • Visit the Outreach Resource Center for a huge selection of tools and feel free to use anything that resonates with you and your audience.
  • Contact the front offices at your local schools (all grade levels) – ask for the science department! Offer to speak at their science club or career day.
  • Visit the Safety Matters resource center for a companion presentation specifically designed for high school students ready to enter the workforce.
  • For high school presentations, try downloading and using the NIOSH PowerPoint presentation (find the link in the Safety Matters Center). Show up and speak. Answer questions. Take a picture. Post to Twitter. Easy!
  • Here’s an additional fun tool to use during your high school presentations: our award winning “I Am IH” documentary! NOTE: get it cleared with the teacher first, as there is content in one episode regarding a gun range and controlled substances unit. It IS on the side of the #IHHeroes though, so you should be fine!
  • Here's another great video promoting awareness of teen safety in the workplace.
  • For elementary and middle school presentations, try partnering up with a local PPE vendor to demo some cool gear or create your own fun presentation with a mascot and talk about why safety matters so much.
  • Go to Twitter and do a search using #IAMIH for presentation ideas and feedback, or visit Catalyst and talk about some crazy ideas to present!