Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Science Professionals anticipate health and safety concerns and design solutions to prevent them. They are the guardians of workplace safety, applying science to identify and solve health and safety problems. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Science Professionals also unite management, workers, and all segments of a company behind the common goal of health and safety.

It is the responsibility of the OHS to research products and services to equip their staff with the right tools to do their job safely. The decisions they make can mean the difference between preventing a serious injury or death for their workers.

Who are AIHA mem​​bers?

  • 65% are senior-level professionals with 20 or more years in the profession; in a leadership-oriented role; and are considered an expert with worldwide impact within the industry
  • 70% are 40+ years old
  • 28% have Bachelor's degrees
  • 59% have Master's Degrees
  • 11% have their Doctorate

Where do they work?

AIHA members work in mining, laboratories, engineering, government, academics/education, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, pharma, utilities, and consulting. Some of the companies include:

Bristol Myers
Johnson & Johnson
Proctor & Gamble
Shell Oil
Sherwin Williams

​The need to stay informed, and fulfill continuing education requirements, is what drives the decision to be an AIHA member.

Over 80% of members agree that AIHA has helped them develop their professional skills and capabilities, and provides the resources and education they need to gain and/or maintain their professional competence and knowledge. An even higher proportion (84%) indicates that AIHA meets or exceeds expectations for being a trusted and reliable source.

What areas are member​​s interested in?

  • 90% in Controls (administrative, engineering, elimination, and substitution)
  • 90% in Sampling and analysis
  • 90% in IH instrumentation
  • 90% in Exposure Banding/OEL Process
  • 84% in Sensor Technologies
  • 89% in Safety

How does the average member spend their time?

AIHA's Audience

Other (Includes management, admin, O​H, training, and Business Development)​


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