This online, mobile-friendly version of the print magazine is optimized for viewing on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, and includes exclusive digital-only advertising opportunities. Digital Synergist articles are cross-promoted through other member communication channels, including the Synergist Weekly e-newsletter and Digital readers also enjoy exclusive digital-only content!

Rates for In-line and Full-Screen optimized ads when purchased with Print Insertions*:

  • Full year (11 insertions) - $5,500
  • 6 months - $3,600
  • 1 month - $750

Rates for Digital ONLY In-line and Full-Screen Ad rate*:

  • $1,000 per insertion
  • 5% discount for multi-insertion digital-only schedules
  • All inline ads will be placed within the Features and Department stories.
  • Guaranteed Feature Story Placement: 10% premium
  • Full-Screen Optimized ads placed throughout the issue

Rates for Video Ads in the Digital Synergist:

  • $1,000 per insertion
  • 5% discount for multi-insertion schedules

*Only (5) In-Line Ads available per issue

Whitepaper in the Digital Synergist—Package inclusions

  • Full screen optimized placement customized for the advertiser with the data collection fields. Advertiser to provide text and images for AIHA to design to form placement. Advertiser to provide a link to the whitepaper that will download once the contact information has been supplied.
  • Inclusion in the e-alert for the issue release. Will use the text from your Digital Synergist ad introducing the whitepaper and link to the Digital Synergist placement.
  • 640w x 550h placement on the page linking directly to the Digital Synergist placement. Advertiser provides ad file in JPG with text and art to match what was supplied for the optimized placement.
  • Internal Ad space in the Synergist Weekly in the 3rd week of the publication month promoting the whitepaper linking to the Digital Synergist placement. Advertiser supplies 40 words of text, 150 x 150 image. JPG file.
  • 300 x 250 ad on the Catalyst homepage linking to the optimized issue. Advertiser provides ad file in JPG with text and art to match what was supplied for the optimized placement.

Rate: $3,500

Synergist E-alerts

The Digital Synergist E-alert is sent to members to alert them the latest issue of The Digital Synergist is available online. This alert features direct links to the feature stories, digital-only content, sponsored content, and highlights on what’s coming in the next issue.

This alert also features (4) banner ad placements for advertisers looking for an additional touchpoint via the Synergist. Often referred to as email buttons, these placements offer a quick way to connect with members in a digital format.


  • $1,000 per banner, per month
  • 5% discount on multi-insertion schedules

Digital Inline Optimized Ad Size Specifications

The Digital Synergist seeks to provide a superior experience for readers on three device types: desktop, tablet, and phone.

To optimize an ad for the Digital Synergist, you will need to create separate files for each device type. Because it is unlikely that an ad created for a desktop monitor can accommodate as much text as an ad created for print, we recommend that marketers simplify their creative for digital display and use significantly less text than they would for a print ad. Similarly, an ad for the phone should use text sparingly, with larger fonts for legibility.

Advertising Speci​​fica​tions

In-Line Optimize​​d Ads*

  • Desktop in-line ad (landscape orientation): 1042 pixels wide by 342 pixels high
  • Phone and tablet ​in-line ad (portrait orientation): 640 pixels wide by 500 pixels high

*Advertiser submits both units

Full-Screen Op​timized Ads**

  • Desktop (landscap​e orientation): 2560 pixels wide x 1440 pixels high
  • Phone/tablet (portrait orie​ntation): 768 pixels wide x 896 pixels high

**Advertiser submits both units​

2020 Digital Deadlines

​​​Issue DateSpace Close​Art Due

Submis​sion Guideli​nes

  • Supply a URL where th​e digital ad should link.
  • All ads should be submitted as JPG or PNG files at 300 PPI
  • Email all ad units to​​

Digital E-m​ail Banne​r Size Specifications

  • 295 pixels wide x 100 pix​els high
  • Static .JPG or .PNG accepted. Animation is not accepted
  • Email banner ad to

Video Specifications

Please upload the video to YouTube and set to play at normal speed, at a quality of 480p. Total play time should not exceed two minutes.

The creative should be simplified, and use less text than a print ad.

The Synergist staff will embed the video into the digital magazine at appropriate sizes for the desktop, tablet, and phone versions.


Holly Klarman | 410-584-1954 |