Synergist E-alerts

The Digital Synergist E-alert is sent to members to alert them the latest issue of The Digital Synergist is available online. This alert features direct links to the feature stories, digital-only content, sponsored content, and highlights on what’s coming in the next issue.

Digital Synergist Email Alerts

This alert also features (4) banner ad placements for advertisers looking for an additional touchpoint via the Synergist. Often referred to as email buttons, these placements offer a quick way to connect with members in a digital format.


  • $1,000 per banner, per month
  • 5% discount on multi-insertion schedules

Digital E-m​ail Banne​r Size Specifications

  • 295 pixels wide x 100 pix​els high
  • Static .JPG or .PNG accepted. Animation is not accepted
  • Email banner ad to Amanda Roman
    [email protected]

Digital Synergist Homepage Banner Ads

The Digital Synergist Homepage is the place members go to find the latest stories from the current issue of the Digital Synergist. Each feature is captured here with an intro for members to click directly into the current issue. The archive to access all back issues of the digital publication is at the bottom of the page.

  • The page features (2) ad positions each month.
  • Rates: $500 per banner, per issue

Digital Synergist Homepage Specs

  • 640 pixels wide by 500 pixels high

Submis​sion Guideli​nes

  • Supply a URL where th​e digital ad should link.
  • All ads should be submitted as JPG or PNG files at 300 PPI
  • Email all ad units to Amanda Roman
    [email protected]


Holly Klarman | 410-584-1954 | [email protected]