In order to maintain certification, the board for Global EHS Credentialing requires the Industrial Hygienist to obtain 60 hours of educational credit over a five-year cycle. Synergist Educational Webinars offer the IH a no-cost way to obtain hours each year in some of the key areas identified as most critical for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Science professionals. These include:

  • Exposure Assessment
  • Chemical Hazards,
  • Health Risk Analysis/Hazard Communication
  • Communicating IH Concepts
  • Air Sampling/Instrumentation Analysis
  • Serving the Changing Workforce
  • Engineering Controls/Ventilation
  • Noise/Hearing Loss Prevention
  • Ergonomics
  • Total Worker Exposure Health
  • Toxicology
  • Sensor Technology + Big Data

For each webinar, your team provides the content and talent, while let AIHA takes care of the rest.

  • Each webinar will be hosted by an editor from AIHA
  • AIHA will manage the broadcast logistics and event registration
  • AIHA will provide pre- and post-event audience marketing and promotions via e-mail invitations, e-newsletter placements, and online banners.
  • Rehearsal for your talent is scheduled one hour prior to your live event.
  • Access to registration data (name, company, title, phone, address, e-mail), transcripts of live chat with participants, and webinar survey results provided within 48 hours of the live event
  • Event reminder to registrants prior to the webinar
  • Archived event on for 12 months

Format and Deadlines

The following materials are due 45 days in advance of your webinar:

  • High-resolution EPS file of your logo
  • Website URL
  • Confirmed date/time of the event
  • Speaker name, photo, e-mail address, and bio
  • Theme/description not to exceed 50 words including learning objectives
  • Full presentation is due for review by the AIHA review panel in .ppt or.pptx format
  • Sponsor may provide up to (5) questions for the registration page.
  • Sponsor may provide up to (3) questions for the exit survey.

Once the review process is complete, your webinar will go live for registration, and promotion will begin to AIHA members. To maximize the promotion of your webinar, we encourage you to submit as early as possible.

Production Notes

  • The webinar must provide learning/information (this is not an advertisement)
  • Content must be unique to AIHA
  • Reproductions of previous webinars are not permitted
  • Webinar sponsor agrees to allow AIHA the ability to post-webinar for up to 12 months on
    AIHA retains the rights to the produced webinar. MP4 files will not be provided back to the sponsor. Sponsors may link their site to ours driving traffic to the link for additional registrations. Updated registration data will be provided to the sponsor upon request.


  • The one-time webinar sponsorship rate is $8,500
  • Two-time webinar rate: $7,650/webinar
  • Three-time webinar rate: $7,225/webinar

To reserve your space or learn more, please contact:

Holly Klarman | 410-584-1954 | [email protected]​​


Email image, copy, and Web address to:
Amanda Roman
[email protected]