Robens Centre for Health Ergonomics University of Surrey


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Table of Contents

Robens Centre for Health Ergonomics University of Surrey

Structure of the presentation

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The Nature of the Disorders

Classification and Diagnosis of the Conditions

Setting diagnostic criteria

Consensus on Disorder Diagnosis

Size of the Problem

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WRULDS in the EU Size of the problem

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Pathogenesis Evidence of work causation and biological plausibility



Force Posture (static/dynamic) Vibration Combinations of factors

Psychological and Work Organisational Risk Factors

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Is there evidence that workplace interventions would reduce the risks associated with these disorders?

Potential for intervention

Successful interventions

Existing Directives, Standards and Guidance

Prevention Strategies

Main criteria for exposure assessment methods

Prevention Strategies

3 Zone Model for Action

Conclusions Report download

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Author: Ergonomics Unit


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