Attributions, Stress, and Work-Related Low Back Pain


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Table of Contents

Attributions, Stress, and Work-Related Low Back Pain

Background & Significance

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Conceptual Model for Attributions as a Risk Factor for LBP

The Dimensions of Resources

What is an attribution?

How are attributions & stress related?

How is stress related to LBP?



Specific Aims

Specific Aims (cont)

Research Design & Methods

Research Design & Methods (cont)

Data analysis

Results: Reliability & Validity

Comparison of Workers & Managers

Results: LBP Prevalence

Knowledge of Back Safety

Perceived Job Control

Demand-Control-Support Model

Attributions & LBP


Discussion - Implications 1

Discussion - Implications 2

Discussion - Future Research

Implications of attribution on stress, biomechanics, & LBP

Epilogue: Expectancies: Cause & Responsibility

Causes of LBP

Types of LBP

Power: 2 controls per case, ? = .05, 1-? = .80

Significant Relationships

Author: George Byrns


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