2001 New Orleans Electronic Proceedings

Information posted here has been provided to AIHA by session presenters. Additional listings will be included as materials and release forms are received from speakers.

Numerous files are larger than usual because of photo and chart content. They might take longer to download so file sizes are included to indicate the time to allow for this process.

Listed are powerpoint presentations from selected AIHce 2001 presentations. Authors continue to submit their presentations so check the site frequently. Selected sessions have also been audiotaped

Opening General Sessions

Embracing Change: Societal and Workplace Implications of the Human Genome Project (Alan E. Guttmacher)


Platform Sessions

PF 101 Bioaerosol Sampling & Methods & Evaluation

PF 104 Health Care Industries

PF 106 Unusual Problems/Flexible Solutions

PF 112 Management/Leadership

PF 113 Occupational Epidemiology

PF 115 Risk Assessment II

PF 117 Laboratory Safety

PF 119 Indoor Air Quality II – Assessment and Management

PF 120 Exposure Equity

PF 121 Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

PF 122  Biological Monitoring

PF 125 Chemical Exposure and Children

PF 126 Dermal Issues II

PF 127 International Occupational Hygiene Issues

PF 130 Computer Applications

PF 132 Communication & Training (Education, Regulations, Standards, Tools) for the H&S Professional

PF 133 Risk Assessment and Community Protection

PF 134 Noise, Hearing Conservation and Non-Ionizing Radiation



RT 204 Noise and Hearing in the Workplace: The Contributions of Noise and Hearing to the Industrial Accidents

RT 207 Forging Partnerships, Alliances and Coalitions – Perspectives from Federal and State Governments

RT 214 Partnerships, Coalition, Consensus – The Professional Organization Perspective

RT 215 Hot Topics in Non-Ionizing Radiation

RT219 Should We or Shouldn't We? A Discussion of the Merits of Biological Monitoring in the Workplace

RT 222 Perspectives on Using Advanced Training Technologies in Environmental Health & Safety



FM 308 Laboratory Policy Changes Due to ISO Standard 17025

FM 312 Using Information Technology to Leverage Your Ergonomics Program

FM 321 Evaluating Occupational Safety and Health Interventions: From the Theoretical to the Practical


Case Studies





PS 602

PS 603

PS 604

PS 605

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