Sampling and Characterizing Plaster


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Table of Contents

Sampling and Characterizing Plaster

Sampling and Characterizing Plaster

Typical Survey Looks at Plaster in Two Dimensions

Example of Homogeneous Plasters in Two Dimensions

Same Plasters in Three Dimensions

Plaster Classification

Initial Inspection

Sample Collection

Plaster Core

Evaluate Plaster Cores

Gross Characteristics of Each Layer

Components of Each Layer

Cement - Type

Cement Color

Aggregate - Type

Aggregate Color

Fiber - Type

Engineering Properties

Determine Plaster Type

Analyze Samples

Plaster Types

Job Mixed Plasters

Modern Plasters

Acoustical Plasters

Skim Coats

Plaster Substrates


Roger G. Morse AIA

Author: Roger G. Morse


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