2002 San Diego Electronic Proceedings

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Platform Sessions

PF 101 - Agricultural Health and Safety

PF 103 - Ionizing and Nonionizing Radiation Risks: Measuring the Exposure

PF 104 - Regulating the Right Hazards Rightly

PF 106 - Current Topics in Noise and Hearing Loss

PF 107 - Exposure Assessment Strategies I

PF 108 Toxicology and Toxicology Models (PBPK and QSAR)

PF 109 Biological Monitoring

PF 110 Ergonomics Intervention

PF 111 Testing for Air Quality in the Garage

PF 112 Air Sampling Instrument Performance

PF 113  Laboratory Health and Safety

PF 114 Ventilation

PF 115 Lead 1

PF 116 Health Care

PF 117 Community Environmental Health and Safety Issues and Social Concerns

PF 118 Gas & Vapor Detection

PF 120 Contaminant Control

PF 121 Occupational Medicine/Occupational Epidemiology

PF 122 Aerosols

PF 123 Bioaerosols

PF 124 Dermal Exposures

PF 125 Respiratory Protection

PF 126 Risk Assessment in Industry and of Terrorism's Aftermath

PF 128 Exposure Assessment Strategies II

PF 129 Construction and Equipment

PF 130 Management/Leadership

PF 131 International Occupational Hygiene

PF 132 Indoor Environmental Quality

PF 133 Industrial Hygiene General Practice

PF 132 Indoor Environmental Quality

PF 135 Computer Applications in Industrial Hygiene



FM 201 Industrial Hygiene Issues with Chemical-Biological Agents: Program Management

FM 205 NIOSH Portable Methods for Measuring Airborne Metals: From Development to Technology Transfer

FM 206 Practical Applications of Mathematical Modeling in Exposure

FM 207 Recent Occupational Health & Safety Research Results in the Electric Power Industry

FM 209 Consensus Standards: Setting Common Goals to Promote Occupational Safety and Health

FM 210 Evaluation of the HUD Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant Program: Final Study Results

FM 211 A Partnership of Stakeholders: Industrial Hygiene, Risk Assessment and the HPV Challenge

FM 212 Filtration and Air Cleaning Issues in Industrial Hygiene

FM 213 Industrial Hygiene at Ground Zero

FM 215 9/11 Attack -- Rescue and Recovery: Insurance, and Legal Issues

FM 216 Creating Partnerships Across the Business Value Chain

FM 217 Environmental Health and Safety for K-12: Introducing the Next Generation to our Profession

FM 219 Industrial Hygienist's Role in Healthcare Environmental Infectious Disease Management

FM 220 Women's Health Issues in the Americas

FM 221 Selling Ergonomics to Top Management

FM 223 Building Partnerships Between EHS Professionals and Community-Based Organizations: Opportunities and Challenges

FM 225 Emerging Issues in Industrial Hygiene: Committee Showcase

FM 226 Industrial Hygiene Issues with Chemical-Biological Agents: Detection Systems

FM 227 9/11 Attack -- Rescue & Recovery: EHS Issues

FM 228 Ergonomics and the Aging Worker

FM 229

FM 230 Decommissioning of Laboratories

FM 232 PDA Applications for the Working Industrial Hygienist

FM 235 Respirator Fit Tests: The Art and Science

FM 236 Minorities Develop Powerful Partnerships by Bringing Research Results to the Forefront

FM 237 Noise in Construction

FM 238 Quality Issues in Environmental Lead Laboratories

FM 239 EH&S: Lessons Learned at Colleges and Universities

FM 240 Late Breaking Issues

FM 241 CAL-OSHA---VPP: Perspectives from Management, Labor, and Government

FM 245. Sustainability and the New Economy - Preparing Your Company for the Next Revolution in Environmental, Health, & Safety Management

FM 246 The Measurement and Distribution of Lead in Residential Soils and the Efficacy of Various Soil-Lead Hazard Control Interventions

FM 250 Basis of the Proposed Biological-Based Environmental Exposure Level (BEEL) for 4,4'-Methylene Dianiline (MDA)

FM 251 Evaluation and Certification of Diffusive Samplers with Emphasis on Extended Sampling Times   


Case Studies

CS 301 Indoor Environmental Quality Case Studies

CS 302 Environmental, Health and Safety Case Studies

CS 303 Ergonomics Case Studies

CS 304 Chemical-Biological Terrorism Case Studies

CS 305 General Case Studies


EHS Crossover Programs

Lectures and Special Sessions

2002 Yant Award Lecture

Mentoring Workshop


Poster Sessions

PS 501 Exposure Assessment

PS 504 Contaminant Control


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