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General Sessions

Tuesday, May 13, 2003
John Howard, MD

Director; National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Washington, DC




Podium Sessions

PO 101 ― Occupational Epidemiology

PO 102 Construction

PO 103 Sampling and Laboratory Analysis and Successfully Achieving AIHA Laboratory Accreditation

PO 104 Community Environmental, Health & Safety and Social Concerns

PO 105 Exposure Assessment Strategies 1

PO 106 Computer Applications

PO 107 Management and Leadership

PO 108 ― Ergonomics 1 ―  Evaluation and Best Practices

PO 109 Epidemiology/Medicine/Toxicology

PO 110 Gas and Vapor Detection

PO 111 Mold Field Studies

PO 114 Industrial Hygiene General Practice 1

PO 115 Agricultural Health & Safety

PO 116 ― Lead

PO 117 International Occupational Hygiene Issues

PO 118 Ergonomics 2 - Lifting and Musculoskeletal Issues

PO 119 ― Mold Investigation Strategies

PO 121 Risk Assessment

PO 122 Mold Sampling Methods

PO 123 Aerosols

PO 124 Biological Monitoring - Dermal Exposure

PO 125 Bioaerosols, Terrorism, and Related Concerns

PO 126 Exposure Assessment Strategies 2

PO 127 ― Air Sampling Instrument Performance

PO 128 Engineering and Control Technologies

PO 129 Industrial Hygiene General Practice 2

PO 130 ― Respiratory Protection

PO 131 Industrial Hygiene Role in Terrorism Response Activities: The NIOSH Experience


Roundtable Sessions

RT 207 ― Choosing the Right Protection to Prevent Hand Injury and Disease

RT 209 IH Issues With Chemical-Biological Terrorism: Monitoring in the Field

RT 210 ― OSHA Enforcement and its Impact on Health and Safety: New Challenges, New Possibilities

RT 212 ― Bridging the Communication Gap Between the Migrating Workforces

RT 219 ― Practical Applications of the AIHA Exposure Assessment Strategy in Small and Medium-Sized Workplaces

RT 221 ― Occupational Safety & Health History: The Building Blocks for the Practice of OSH in the 21st Century

RT 222 ― Building Sciences 101: Moisture Control Problems = Mold

RT 223 Leveraging Information Technology for Ergonomics

RT 226 ― Implementation of Exposure Assessment Strategies in Larger Companies

RT 227 TLV� and BEI� Committees: The Decision Making Process

RT 229 Design and Operation of Microbiological Laboratories in a Post 9/11 World

RT 236 ― Industrial Hygiene Practices in Coal Mines

RT 238 How to Get Published

RT 239 Integrating Management Systems for Increased Efficiency of Your Operations

RT 242 Practical Applications of Mathematical Exposure Modeling in Exposure Assessment and OSHA Compliance

RT 246 ― Reactive Chemical Hazards: A Problem in Search of a Solution

RT 247 ―  Mold: Health Effects, Science and the Law

RT 248 ― A Rational Approach to Occupational Medicine in Biotechnology Research

RT 249 Young Workers: The Promise and the Challenge

RT 252 ― Enhancing Workplace Preparedness and Emergency Response to Address an Age of Terrorism


EHS Crossover Programs

CR 302  Workers' Compensation Insurance for EH&S Professionals (Elsie Tai)

CR 304 Global Protection for Traveling Employees  (Peter Greaney)

CR 309 Scaffold Safety (Rochelle Crew)

CR 310 The Importance of Effective Negotiation Skills and Strategies in Environmental, Health and Safety Management (Bruce Groves)

CR 313 Behavior Engineering: Design Your Workplace to Promote Safe Behaviors (Jack Kester)

CR 314  Virtual Safety Audit (Mark Rollins)

CR 315 Improving Incident Investigation Effectiveness Through Computerized Methods (Don Groover)

CR 317 ― Leadership for Health, Safety, and Environmental Excellence With or Without Authority! (Managing Your Managers) (Michael Topf)

CR 320 ― Developing an Effective Contractor Safety Program (Brian Hayes)

CR 323 ― Management of Change: Strategies to Address SH&E, as Well as Personal Performance, During Times of Change  (Michael Topf)

CR 328 Using Information Systems to Align Organizational Functioning (Don Groover)

CR 329 An Overview of Flame Resistant Clothing (Joshua Moody & Scott Margolin)


Poster Sessions

PS 402 IEQ

PS 403 ― PPE


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