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Crossover Programs




Podium Sessions

PO 101 Bioaerosols and Biosafety/Biotechnology

PO 102 Lead

PO 103 Health Care Industries

PO 104 Mold Exposure Assessment and Evaluation

PO 105 Detection, Sampling, and Analysis for Gases, Vapors, and Aerosols

PO 106  International Occupational Hygiene Issues

PO 107  Occupational Epidemiology 1: Reconstruction of Exposures

PO 108  Management and Sustainability

PO 109  Ergonomic Potpourri

PO 110  Exposure Assessment 1

PO 111 Occupational Epidemiology 2―Retrospective Exposure Assessment in the Chemical Industry

PO 112 Agricultural Safety & Health

PO 113 Training and Risk Communication Issues

PO 114 Building Construction Mold Issues ("Don't Build Wet Buildings")

PO 115 Respiratory Protection 1: Wearer and Component Performance

PO 116 Exposure Assessment Strategies 2

PO 117 Physical Agents

PO 118 Community Exposure and the Significant Role of an Industrial Hygienist

PO 119 Ergonomic Programs and Issues

PO 120 Risk Assessment and Management

PO 121 Mold Field Applications

PO 122 Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment

PO 123 Computer Applications

PO 124 Mold Sampling and Analysis

PO 125  Engineering and Control Technology

PO 126 General Indoor Environmental Quality and VOCs

PO 127 Ergonomics in Construction and Heavy Industry

PO 128 Aerosols

PO 129 Industrial Hygiene General Practice

PO 130 Current Topics in Laboratory Health and Safety

PO 131 Respiratory Protection 2: Advances in Respiratory Protection



RT 201 Innovations in Exposure Risk Management: Optimizing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Our Strategies

RT 202 So, Now you are the Safety Manager―Fundamentals for the Industrial Hygienist

RT 204 Selection and Use of NIOSH Approved CBRN Respirators

RT 205 Government Affairs: Joint Session ASSE and AIHA

RT 206 Frugal Ergonomics: The Next Generation

RT 207 Hot Topics in Non-Ionizing Radiation

RT 208 Chemicals of Controversy

RT 209 Criminalizing Corporations―Implications for the Hygiene Profession in Canada

RT 211 OSHA Regulatory Update for the Construction Industry

RT 212 Alternative Methods to Reach Hispanic Workers

RT 213 Industrial Hygienists Prepare for Disasters

RT 214 Consultants' Forum: Introduction to Federal Contracting for Consultants

RT 215  Biological Monitoring and Government Agencies: Past, Present, and Future

RT 217 ACGIH Guidelines for Chemical Substances, Physical Agents, Biological Exposure Indices, and Bioaerosols.

RT 218  Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: An Approach to Control Exposure Using Biological Monitoring and a Biological Exposure Index (BEI)

RT 219  Above and Beyond Ventilation: A Closer Look at Elimination, Substitution and Other Controls

RT 220 Health and Safety Issues in Mining

RT 221 The Occupational Health and Safety Professional's Role in the Emerging Nanotechnology Industry

RT 222  Protecting Disaster Response and Recovery Workers

RT 223 Current Issues in Industrial Hygiene Ethics

RT 225 Evaluation and Control of Dermal Exposures in the Workplace

RT 226 Asbestos: Everything Old is New Again―An Update on Recent Research Regarding Asbestos Exposure and Health Risks

RT 227 Trench Warfare―How to dig Ourselves Out of a Hole on Trench Safety

RT 228 OSHA Program Updates

RT 229 Aircraft Cabin Air Quality: Linking Reported Health Effects to Organophosphate Exposures

RT 230 Confined Spaces: OSHA, Audits and Investigations

RT 231 What's Happening in K-12? Examples of How Occupational Health is Being Introduced Into the School Curriculum

RT 232 Innovation in Culture Change and Improving Environmental Performance: Environmental Management Systems at Research/Laboratory-Based Institutions

RT 233 Progress in Controlling Respirable Crystalline Silica Exposures in Construction

RT 234 Shedding New Light on Welding Health and Safety

RT 234 Shedding New Light on Welding Health and Safety

RT 235 Airline Worker Musculoskeletal Disorders Related to Baggage Handling and Cabin Duties

RT 236 Safety and Health Training Tips for the Industrial Hygienist

RT 237 Sampling Complex Mixtures of Volatile Organics Made Easy

RT 238 American Board of Industrial Hygiene Forum

RT 239 California OSHA Inspections and Consultations of Note

RT 240 Super Model Should I Use? Mathematical Model Applications for Particulates, Fibers and Vapors

RT 242 Making the Business Case for Ergonomics

RT 246 Implementation of GHS Around the World

RT 248 2005 Tsunami in Southeast Asia: Occupational Health and Safety Response to an Unprecedented Multinational Disaster


Poster Sessions

PS 404 Indoor Air Quality

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