Continuing Education Credits and Certification Maintenance Information

Documentation and Replacement Documentation

You can now easily access your AIHA and AIHce continuing education records online—any time, from anywhere using AIHA Educational Transcripts.
Although AIHA maintains attendance records, it is the responsibility of the registrant to retain all documentation, including certificates and registration receipts, for future reference and/or certification audits. 

Information on organizations who have authorized AIHA® to award educational credits for certification maintenance

The American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) is the certifying organization for Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs). Earning the CIH requires that candidates meet rigorous education and experience requirements, pass an examination, and recertify every five years by fulfilling continuing education requirements. 
ABIH requires that content be aligned with at least one Category 4 (Education) CM Area (Ethics, IH, Safety) and be based on technical content time. ABIH has indicated that any event with an occupational or community health related emphasis will be acceptable for an “IH” CM Area.

Please note: ABIH recently changed the way points and credits are calculated. For any event in 2012 AND THEREAFTER, values are reported in CM hours.  For any event PRIOR TO 2012, values are reported in CM points.

Proof of Participation
ABIH will accept the following:
  • PDCs: AIHA Educational Transcript
  • General conference attendance for technical sessions, workshops, discussions and tours: In ADDITION to an AIHA Educational Transcript, evidence of physical presence in the city on the days claimed for CM credit. Examples:
    • Approved expense report; hotel, meal, or parking receipts
      ABIH CM Attendance Verification Form
Presenters and Instructors of Oral, Abstracts, Technical Sessions, Poster Presentations and PDCs: names/information listed on/in one of the following:
  • Advance Program
  • Final Program
  • Online description (printed)
For complete ABIH guidance on eligibility/requirements:

6015 West St. Joseph, Suite 102, Lansing, MI 48917‑3980
+1 517-321-2638

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) is recognized as the leader in high-quality credentialing for safety, health, and environmental practitioners in order to enhance the safety of people, property, and the environment. The Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification is the premier credential for safety professionals. BCSP, governed by 13 directors with 7 membership organizations, establishes standards for and verifies minimum competency in professional safety practice. It also evaluates CSPs for compliance with re-certification requirements.  
BCSP recognizes CEUs and Contact Hours awarded for Education. Please refer to the BCSP website​ for details.
208 Burwash Avenue, Savoy, IL, 61874
+1 217-359-9263
The Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists (CRBOH) is a national, not-for-profit organization, which sets standards of professional competence for occupational hygienists and occupational hygiene technologists in Canada. Registration with the CRBOH confers the right to use the title Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROH) or Registered Occupational Hygiene Technologist (ROHT), and indicates the attainment and maintenance of a high standard of professionalism, recognizable in all Canadian jurisdictions.
CRBOH is an International Occupational Hygiene Association recognized Certification Board.  
AIHA has been authorized by the CRBOH to issue Registration Maintenance (RM) points in conjunction with the ROH and ROHT certifications.
155 Tycos Drive, Toronto, Ontario   M6B 1W6
The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) is the certifying body for occupational health, safety and environmental professionals. Their mission is to promote occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and public safety through the certification of qualified occupational health, safety and environmental professionals. They are committed to the preservation of life and health, protection of the environment, confidentiality, professionalism and fairness.  
AIHA has been authorized by the BCRSP to issue Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) Points in conjunction with the CRSP certification.
6519-B Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON L5N 1A6
+1 905-567-7198 or +1 888-279-2777
For information on contact hours and the exact type and number of points awarded for a course please review the individual course descriptions, or contact AIHA's Education Department at +1 703-849-8888 or by e-mail.
Attendance and full participation in course offerings is required to earn certification maintenance points. Partial credits will not be awarded.

AIHA Proprietary Interest and Disclosure Statement

As an Authorized Provider of IACET, AIHA must ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in its individual and co-sponsored educational events. Instructors are expected to disclose any significant financial interests or other relationships with:
  • manufacturers of any commercial products
  • providers of commercial services discussed
  • any commercial supporters
Significant financial interests or other relationships include grants, research support, employee, consultant, major stockholder, speakers bureau member, etc.  The intent of this disclosure is not to prevent an instructor from presenting but to provide participants with information to base their own judgments. It remains up to the participant to determine whether an instructor’s interests or relationships may influence the presentation.

AIHA Disclaimer Statement

Although the information contained in this course has been compiled from sources believed to be reliable—the copyright holder and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) make no guarantee as to, and assumes no responsibility for, the correctness, sufficiency, or completeness of such information.
Since standards and codes vary from one place to another, consult with your local Occupational or Environmental Health and Safety professional to determine the current state of the art before applying what you learn from this course.