Effective Confined Space Entry Team Member Training

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This webinar outlines what is needed for effective confined space team member training, from knowledge of the hazards to ensuring the space tester knows the instrument’s limitations and poisons.  It also emphasizes when to have the rescue team at the portal or just available and what special knowledge they need in order to rescue an entrant.  This webinar also reflects the guidelines of ANSI Z490.1 2009 addressing Accepted Practices for Safety Health and Environmental Training.​

This webinar will benefit any safety and health professional that may be required to train confined space entrants or entry team members including rescue personnel.  It also informs entry team members what they need to know to ensure they are receiving the proper training to complete a safe permit entry operation.  


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Familiarity with OSHA's 1910.146 Standard and ANSI Z117.1-2009, Safety Requirements for Confined Spaces.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion, participants will be able to:
  • Discuss OSHA’s training requirements for confined space entry
  • List the important definitions explaining the difference between a confined space and a permit space
  • Describe team member’s roles and how to evaluate the team member’s knowledge of their roles
  • Explain how those roles are connected to the entire permit entry operation
  • Identify best practices for each entry team member
  • Outline the consequences of not receiving effective confined space entry team member training 

Presenter: Terry W. Krug, MS, CIH, CSP

In 1979 Terry Krug started with OSHA as an IH Compliance Officer in Lubbock, TX. After 3 years, he transferred to the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) as an IH Instructor. In 1987, he accepted a management position with ATSF Railway Co which he held for four years. He left to start a consulting business, Industrial Hygiene Technical Consultants (IHTC) which he operated for 6 years.

In 1997 he returned to the DOL OSHA's Chicago North AO as a Safety and Health Specialist/ Compliance Officer conducting enforcement safety and health inspections. Mr. Krug has conducted hundreds of inspections during his time with OSHA and as a Training Instructor to the OTI and in his career has taught thousands of students in safety and health topics. Mr. Krug was the chairperson for a half dozen OSHA courses one was the Permit-Required Confined Space course # 2260 and another among many was the Hazardous Materials course # 2010.

Mr. Krug retired from OSHA in March of 2011 and started a consulting business called EXOSHA. He is currently an active member and past chair of the AIHA Confined Spaces Technical Committee, and AIHA's official liaison for 20 years to and Vice chair for 10 years of the ANSI Z117.1 standard Safety Requirements for Confined Spaces and recently advanced to Chair of Z117.1 in July of 2013.

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