Manganese in Welding Fume: Sources and Controls

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This webinar describes common welding and thermal cutting processes associated with Manganese (Mn) exposures. Suggestions for improving the quality of monitoring data and prioritizing exposure assessments are provided. Ventilation techniques and respiratory protection options will also be described. Terminology used in the welding industry is incorporated throughout the webinar as a means of familiarizing participants with the vocabulary used in the workplace. 


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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will be able to:​​

  • Anticipate circumstances during welding and thermal cutting that can result in Mn overexposures.

  • Develop an exposure assessment strategy for welding and thermal cutting 

  • Recognize and recommend effective ventilation/respiratory protection for control of welding fume.

Presenter: Michael K Harris, PhD, CIH

Mike Harris received an earned research Doctorate from Louisiana State University in 1979 and is President of Hamlin & Harris, Incorporated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

In 2003, his book, Welding Health and Safety: A Field Guide for the OEHS Professional was selected as Critics' Choice for best non-committee AIHA publication.  

His welding experience includes:

  • Teaching aircraft welding at the US ARMY Transportation School.

  • Welding environmental test equipment for Ling Electronics

  • Welding aircraft drop tanks at Royal Industries

  • Welding  pressure vessels for nuclear submarines at Aerojet General

Mike is the 2014 recipient of the Donald E Cummings Memorial Award.

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