What if I can’t participate for a live session?

If you are unable to participate live, you’ll have access to the recording for 90 days after the live event ends. You’ll be notified via email once the recording becomes available. After a live event, recordings take 3-4 business days to appear in the Online Classroom.

How do I access a live session?

Log into the Online Classroom via https://learning.aiha.org using your AIHA credentials. If you don’t know your password, click “Forgot Password” to reset. Once you’re logged in, click “My Classroom”. Click the session title and then “view now” to launch the presentation.

How do I get credit for participating in a session?

  1. In the Online Classroom (https://learning.aiha.org), after viewing a session in the viewer, click “take survey”
  2. Complete the evaluation and click “Submit Survey” at the bottom of the page.
  3. After submitting the survey, click “Submit Credit”.
  4. A confirmation page will appear. Click “process credit”. After you complete this process:
  5. A certificate will be available under “Submitted Credit” in the “My Credit” section of the Online Classroom.
  6. A record will be created on your AIHA Transcript.

I need proof of attendance for certification. How to I obtain proof?

Completing the session evaluation and processing the credit creates a downloadable certification in the “My Credit” section of the Online Classroom, and creates an automatic record on your AIHA Transcript.

How do I ensure my computer system is ready for the session?

We recommend performing a system test prior to the live , to minimize distractions from your participation. You can perform this simple system test at https://learning.aiha.org/SystemCheckv3/index.php. You want to be sure that you have passed the test both for audio webinars and for video streams.

I’ve taken the system test and am running into issues. I think my company’s firewall might cause an issue with my participation. What steps should I take ahead of time?

Listed below are host names of servers utilized by Abila/Freestone for content delivery. If you are not able to receive certain content, or are unable to utilize specific platform features, there may be a firewall or other security measure blocking connections to one of these host servers. Provide this information to your IT department to whitelist these servers in order to ensure full functionality.

Streaming Video Hosts: In each of the following methods of delivery, Streaming Video Hosts are the servers from which video is sent.

Live Webcast / Live Rebroadcast

  • fml.9BCB.edgecastcdn.net

Slides and Freestone™ Chat (Interface elements are tools or features in the attendee interface.)

  • *.pubnub.com

Ports (Ports are the internet "channels" through which the information is distributed.

  • Port 80 is the default channel for HTTP connections.
  • Port 443 is the default channel for HTTPS connections.

We’re happy to help connect you with additional support to make sure that you are able to participate fully in our events. If you need additional support on this issue, please contact us at freestonelearnersupport@communitybrands.com or via phone at 1-866-702-3278.