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Course Description

Air monitoring only assesses exposure to chemicals absorbed via inhalation. Biological monitoring is an additional tool used by industrial hygienists to aid in the assessment of worker exposures, allowing an assessment of the amount of a chemical absorbed into the worker from all routes, including dermal, inhalation and ingestion. ​

This self-study course, based on the Biological Monitoring Guide, A Practical Field Manual,​ features learning modules for each chapter of the guide. ​

Course Outline

  • Module 1— Introductory Material: Chapters 1–5
  • Module 2— Sampling and Analysis: Chapter 6
  • Module 3— Using Results: Chapter 7
  • Module 4— Appendix I (Frequently Asked Questions) and Appendix V (Consent Forms)
  • Module 5— Appendix II (Case Studies)
  • Module 6— Appendix VII, Slide Show ​

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Wh​o Will Benefit

This self-study course will benefit practicing industrial hygienists and/or other OEHS professionals employed by industry, government and academia, as well as those who serve as consultants.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits and pitfalls of the use of biological monitoring to assess exposure, particularly through the skin.
  • Explain the issues of sample collection, the time of sample collection, specimen stability, laboratory methods, quality assurance and data interpretation.
  • Apply biological monitoring to their workplace and be able to design a cost-effective biological monitoring program for their company or organization.
  • Locate resources on biological monitoring, including laboratory methods and guidelines for interpretation.

Time to Complete​

This course will take 12 hours to complete. You will have up to 6 months from your date of purchase to complete it.

Webcourse Materials

Ma​terials are accessible and downloadable via the course Online Community (registrant-access only).

  • Student Lesson Guide (PDF)
  • Course Presentation (PPT)
  • e-Textbook: Biological Monitoring Guide, A Practical Field Manual (PDF)
  • Final Exam & Evaluation


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