OEHS professionals are faced with ethical decisions which impact the credibility of the profession and worker health and safety. This course reviews the ethical dilemmas potentially faced by OEHS professionals and the decision processes to resolve them.

Value Added

The course participants will not only fulfill the ABIH CM requirement but will also gain perspective on avoiding ethical misconduct.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

  • Review Code of Ethics from various EOHS certifying bodies including ABIH and BCSP.
  • Understand basic processes of ethical thinking.
  • Apply Code of Ethics Principles in four Case Studies:
    • Case Study 1: The IH consultant & business practice
    • Case Study 2: The safety manager & employee exposure
    • Case Study 3: The visiting EOHS professional
    • Case Study 4: Rooftop evaluation

Course Outline

  • Code of Ethics Definitions
  • Obligations & Responsibilities
  • Ethical Processes
  • Case Studies

Transfer of Knowledge

Instructors will evaluate participants understanding of the materials presented based on:

  • Hands-on demonstrations and practicum,
  • Workshops, and
  • Group Activities


Paul A. Zoubek, CSP, CIH, Zoubek Consulting, LLC, San Diego, CA

Paul A Zoubek is a nationally recognized consultant in the area of electrical safety. He provides expert advice in the areas of management and engineering control of electrical hazards for companies nationwide. He advises companies in the areas of engineering electrical hazard control, written electrical safety program development, and training.


Not only well-organized and informative, but it was also great for networking with other OH/IH professionals. There was a lot of great energy and excitement!