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  1. 2019 ERPG/WEEL Handbook
  2. A Strategy for Assessing and Managing Occupational Exposures, 4th edition
  3. AIHA Laboratory Quality Assurance Manual, 5th edition
  4. ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-2012 Laboratory Ventilation
  5. Assessment and Remediation of PCBs in the Built Environment
  6. Assessment, Remediation, and Post-Remediation Verification of Mold in Buildings
  7. Biological Monitoring: A Practical Field Manual
  8. Burton Field Guide for Industrial Hygiene
  9. Clandestine Indoor Marijuana Grow Operations - Recognition, Assessment, and Remediation Guidance
  10. Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Assessment and Remediation Guidance
  11. Direct-Reading Colorimetric Indicator Tubes Manual, 3rd edition
  12. Engineering Reference Manual, 3rd edition
  13. Environmental Health and Safety for Hazardous Waste Sites
  14. Ergonomics Guide to Computer Workstations, 3rd edition
  15. Ethics for the Safety and Health Professional: Approaches and Case Studies
  16. Exploring the Dangerous Trades: The Autobiography of Alice Hamilton, MD
  17. Field Guide for the Determination of Biological Contaminants in Environmental Samples, 2nd edition
  18. Field Guidelines for the Temporary Ventilation of Confined Spaces, with an Emphasis on Hotwork
  19. Guidance for Conducting Control Banding Analyses
  20. Guideline for the Decontamination of Chemical Protective Clothing and Equipment
  21. Guideline for the Development of Personal Protective Equipment Programs for Small Business Owners
  22. Guideline on Occupational Exposure Reconstruction
  23. Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Environmental Surface Disinfectants in Healthcare
  24. Health and Safety Requirements in Construction Contract Documents
  25. IAQ & HVAC Workbook, 5th edition
  26. IAQ Investigator's Guide, 3rd edition
  27. Industrial Hygiene Workbook: The Occupational Health Sciences, 6th edition
  28. Important Instrumentation and Methods for the Detection of Chemicals in the Field, 2nd edition
  29. Incident Safety and Health Management Handbook, 2nd edition
  30. Industrial Hygiene and Safety Auditing - A Manual for Practice, 2nd edition
  31. Industrial Hygiene Performance Metrics
  32. Industrial Hygiene Reference & Study Guide, 4th edition
  33. Industrial Ventilation Workbook, 7th edition
  34. Machine Safeguarding Risk Assessment - A Guidance Document for Achieving Acceptable Risk
  35. Mathematical Models for Estimating Occupational Exposure to Chemicals, 2nd edition
  36. Noise Manual, 5th edition
  37. Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management, 3rd edition
  38. Odor Thresholds for Chemicals with Established Occupational Health Standards, 3rd edition
  39. Preventing Hazards at the Source
  40. Radio-Frequency and Microwave Radiation, 3rd edition
  41. Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Indoor Mold, 2nd edition
  42. Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Legionella in Building Water Systems
  43. Recommendations for the Management, Operation, Testing, and Maintenance of HVAC Systems: Maintaining Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Non-industrial Employee Occupancies through Dilution Ventilation
  44. Role of the Industrial Hygienist in a Pandemic
  45. Radiation Safety Officer Survival Handbook
  46. Storage Rack Safety Guideline, 2nd edition
  47. Toxicology Principles for the Industrial Hygienist, 2nd edition
  48. Welding Health and Safety: A Field Guide for OEHS Professionals
  49. Wildfire Impact Assessments for the OEHS Professional
  50. Workplace Violence Primer and Guideline for Industrial Hygienists