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Concurrent Session 10, Part 2

Management & Leadershi​​p

Management & Leadership Track

Tuesday, October 31

1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Industrial Hygiene Leaders

Arrangers: Tim Paz, CIH, Industrial Hygienist, Architect of the Capitol, Washington, D.C.; Nicole Greeson, CIH, Occupational Hygiene & Safety Division Director, Duke University/Duke University Health System, Durham, NC. 

Throughout the typical industrial hygiene career, there will be continuous lifelong learning within technical competencies. However, the most distinguished industrial hygiene leaders will tell you that they also developed soft skills to help them advance their careers. In this session, some of the most highly regarded leaders in industrial hygiene (who have also served among the highest ranks within their industrial, military, governmental and consultancy organizations) will provide an encore of their remarkable insights first presented at AIHce 2016 in Baltimore, with an opportunity to replay key concepts/learnings at the Fall Conference in Tampa. They will share nuggets of wisdom gleaned from their respective successful career journeys that helped them become more effective industrial hygienists and EHS professionals and accelerated their development into industry leaders. 

Habits Important​ to Leadership Success—One Opinion 

Presenter: Zack Mansdorf, PhD, QEP, CIH, CSP, Consultant, Sustainability Consultants, Boca Raton, FL. 

Creating a Culture o​f Habitual Adaptation 

Presenter: Fred Boelter, CIH, PE, BCEE, RHP Risk Management, Inc., Boise, ID. 

Inter-Professio​nal ​​and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: How Teamwork Enables Exceptional Outcomes

Presenter: Donna Doganiero, CIH, FAIHA, Public Health Service Line, Army Public Health Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD​.

Commitment to Leadership: Committing to the People That Work for You and with You 

Presenter: Susan Ripple, MS, CIH, Susan Ripple Consulting, LLC, Midland, MI. ​​​​​​​​​​​​



Name and Bio

Donna Doganiero, CIH, FAIHA, Public Health Service Line, Army Public Health Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. 

Ms. Doganiero has worked as an Industrial Hygienist within the Federal Government for over 37 years (2 years with NIOSH & over 35 years with the Department of the Army). Her Dept. of Army civilian career progression included project officer, team lead, program manager, and Portfolio Director of Occupational Health Sciences at the Army Public Health Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Donna has been actively involved with AIHA at the local and national level for most of her career, including 10 years of service on the AIHA Board of directors in almost every role: Director, Treasurer, and up through President. She is an AIHA Fellow, a former Trustee for the AIHF, and a Past President of the Academy of Industrial Hygiene. In addition to receiving many awards from the government, she was the recipient of the 2009 Alice Hamilton Award and the 2011 AIHA President’s Award.​

Fred Boelter, CIH, PE, BCEE, FAIHA, Principle – Health Sciences, RHP Risk Management, Inc., Boise, ID.

Fred Boelter, a Principal at RHP Risk Management, has over 44 years of experience in industrial hygiene and environmental engineering. Fred has consulted with clients on a wide range of risk characterization, risk communication, and risk management matters and serves on the AIHA ERM BoK development team. Fred is also a Fellow of the AIHA and a recipient of awards including the Edward J. Baier, the Henry F. Smyth, and the Donald E. Cummings.​

Susan Ripple, MS, CIH, Managing Principle, Susan Ripple Consulting, Midland, MI.

Susan Ripple is the Managing Principal for Susan Ripple Consulting. Susan had over 29 years at the Dow Chemical Company as a practicing field hygienist, as the Science and Technology Leader for Dow’s IH Expertise from 1995 – 2009, and as the Sr. IH Manager for the Corporate Industrial Hygiene Dept. in Midland, Michigan. Ms. Ripple is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and has partnered with OSHA and NIOSH to share Dow’s scientific and manufacturing experience, and partnered with NIOSH on the “Control Banding” and “Prevention through Design” teams. Her technical expertise is setting occupational and community exposure limits, having managed nearly 1000 internal Dow OELs, and served on the AIHA WEEL and ERPG Committees for >15 years. Susan worked with the redesign team to reform the California OSHA PEL-setting process, and serves on the CA OSHA PEL Committee. Susan has authored and published textbook chapters, journal articles, and technical publications and sits on various professional committees. Ms. Ripple is an AIHA Fellow (and is Chair of the Fellows SIG), Chair of the OARs-WEEL Advisory Board, is Past Chair of the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, the 2013 winner of the AIHA lifetime achievement Alice Hamilton Award, and in 2015 was named an AIHA Distinguished Lecturer. In addition, she was the 2016 recipient of the Edward J. Baier Technical Achievement Award, given to the individual or group of individuals, company, academic institution, organization, or association that has made the most significant contribution to industrial hygiene in recent years through technical expertise, innovations, or scientific advancements.​

Zack Mansdorf, PhD, QEP, CIH, CSP, Consultant, Sustainability Consultants, Boca Raton, FL.

Dr. Mansdorf is a consultant in EHS and Sustainability. He previously served as the Senior Vice President- Safety, Health, Environment, for L’Oreal Worldwide. He has a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Kansas, with graduate degrees in Environment and Safety from the University of Michigan and Central Missouri State. He is a Past President of the Academy of Industrial Hygiene, AIHF, and Past-President of AIHA and is a Past Board member of BCSP. He has over 40 years of comprehensive experience in many different sectors. He is a Fellow of AIHA and ASTM. He has received the Cummings and Service Awards from AIHA among his recognitions. He also served until recently (for 6 years) as a Director for the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability and Chair of their Advisory Council and is the principal author of the CSHS Best Practice Guide for Occupational Health and Safety in Sustainability Reports.​