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PDC 7 - Safety, Health, and Environ​​ment Culture in Any Culture

Management and Leadership​ Track

Advanced | Credits: 8 CM Credit Hours 

Sunday, October 29 | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Limit 40


How do you get your employees to follow every safety rule when no one is watching? It's the ultimate leadership dilemma. Over two-thirds of all accidents are attributable to human and human-organizational factors (e.g., planning, written procedures, job factors, training, communication, and teamwork) thereby affecting employee risk perception, behavior, and attitudes. 

This course is taught by a seasoned safety professional with international experience in three leading Fortune 500 companies. During the mining commodity boom in the last decade, Mr. D'Aguiar had unprecedented financial resources to evaluate the best of the best around the world while integrating new knowledge from human behavioral science and neuroscience outside of the mining industry. 

An organization’s culture is dynamically driven by daily “group thinking” in opposition to a slow moving anchor of long-term habits. Local company culture drives most aspects of work activity, affecting safety, productivity, and cost control, yet it is rarely addressed or understood. This course brings the latest tools from human behavioral science, neuroscience, and persuasive public communications into a framework for assessing “group think” patterns and value dynamics within your organization.  

Safety professionals have a big opportunity to drive not just safety culture change, but help the COO drive productivity and cost culture change by leveraging an understanding of culture in general within the business because they are inextricably linked. Proven examples of communication campaigns and trainings that have driven employee culture change will be provided, along with a step-by-step plan for change appropriate for the culture type.

*Registration includes boxed lunch.


Participants should have management experience.

Value Added

Attendees will leave with a plan outline with the steps for culture change with objective measures, along with a copy of the book Primal Safety Leadership.

Course Outline

  • Myths of Safety Management, Tribal Leadership, Group Value Levels, and Environmental Culture
  • Changing the Workplace Culture in Your Organization: A Framework and Step-By-Step Plan
  • Roadmap To Changing Your Company Culture
  • Affecting Individual and Group Behavior for Safety, Productivity, and Cost Control

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the type of "tribal leadership" and "environmental culture" in your organization and country.
  • Analyze and assess your organizational communication and feedback options.
  • Formulate a work plan for culture change with objective measures.
  • Integrate the culture changes to improve safety and productivity, and lower cost at the same time.
  • Train your line leadership on influence techniques to address and resolve complications in safety requirements.
  • Distinguish between communication requirements from the executive business leadership level to the shop floor.
  • Apply real practical examples of safety culture change that can be implemented in different countries.
  • Answer specific questions on how to proceed in conflict resolution and solving problems that students are experiencing right now.

Transfer of Knowledge

Instructors will evaluate participants’ understanding of the materials presented based on:

  • Practice exercises
  • Workshops
  • Group activities
  • Interactive games​​


Name and Bio

​Damian D'Aguiar, CIH, Owner, Sustainability 360, Aurora, ON, Canada.

Mr. D’Aguiar has extensive experience in the minerals and metals sector across North America, Europe and Asia. He is an expert in helping companies build stronger relationships with their employees, communities, and government through integrated business improvements in safety, productivity and cost. Mr. D’Aguiar has unique experience and expertise leading multi-disciplinary teams to navigate complex challenges from the Board Room to the Shop Floor across diverse cultures. Damian is the author of the book Primal Safety Leadership: A Practical Guide to Improving Safety Productivity and Cost.​