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Virtual Participant Information

Thank you for registering for the Virtual Fall Conference! Here you will find information and resources for the event.

Log in here​ with your AIHA credentials*.

*If you haven’t already reset your AIHA userid/password as part of AIHA’s recent database migration, please do so before you go to the online classroom: ​

System Check

It is strongly recommended that you attempt to log in and perform a System Check before Virtual Fall Conference starts. If you have any issues, please reach out to our platform technical support at 1-866-702-3278.


To receive credit for participating, you must view the session (live or recorded) and submit for credit. To submit credit, go to the My Credit section in the platform. Scroll down to the Pending Credit section and find the session you completed. Click the Submit Credit button next to the title. Complete the evaluation and 'sign' before submitting. Credit hours will be totaled and added to your AIHA Education Transcript.


Recordings of the virtual sessions are included with your registration. It will take a few weeks for recordings to be available, but once they are, participants will have access to the recordings through the end of the year. Instructions for viewing those sessions and receiving credit will be detailed in a later email.

Group Participation

Groups are welcome to participate in the Virtual Fall Conference and everyone can earn credit. There is no extra charge for groups provided your group watches together from the same location. Here's how to organize your group:
1. Book a room with a screen large enough for everyone to see. You may also want plug-in speakers so everyone can hear.
2. Keep record. Download the Roster Template to track attendance. This completed document must be submitted to Jessica Pagel by Monday, November 6. (If you are asked to login for the template, select 'Cancel' and proceed with the download.)
3. In order to receive credit, group participants must be listed on the roster and complete the online evaluation. Download the evaluation links​ and distribute to your group participants.