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Engage with Your Peers

There's no argument that networking today is critical for success. At its core, networking is making contacts and encouraging an information exchange that fosters voluntary collaboration. While dissemination of information is part of the networking process, it isn't the final definition. In order to be truly successful, there needs to be some dialogue, reciprocity, and mutual interaction. Networking enhances inclusive thinking, creativity, and dialogue - all crucial elements to today's successful professional.

​​Within the realm of IH/OH, networking can enable sharing and strengthening of you job 'intangibles,' encourages ownership and cooperation, and helps match needs and solutions. Networking is fundamental in both doing and communicating your work. If its part of your core process, a network builds a set of channels for disseminating and communicating your message; the more involved the receivers are in helping develop the content of communication, the more likely they are to respond and act on it. 

More generally, networking as means of communicating is about ensuring that the spaces, time, and opportunities are present to enable such communication to take place. A large part of your future professional needs must include networking and communication opportunities to deal with the complexities that are faced in continuing workplace issues. 

Knowing how important networking is for our members and their work, we've made sure that attendees to this year's Fall Conference have ample opportunities to connect and network. From free-form breakfast and lunch discussions to extended breaks, to interactive sessions and workshops, there are several avenues for attendees to build their professional networks, find new collaboration opportunities, and discuss professional milestones and aspirations.​​​​​