Stephen C. Davis Future Leaders Institute Memorial Grant

The Future Leaders Institute (FLI) provides critical leadership training and professional development opportunities for Industrial Hygiene (IH)/ Occupational Health (OH) professionals within the first 15 years of their career, particularly in countries or organizations where such opportunities do not exist. 

Stephen C. Davis, a visionary leader and strong advocate of the Industrial Hygiene (IH)/Occupational Health (OH) profession globally, recognized the importance of investing in the next generation of IH/OH professionals. He valued mentorship and believed it his obligation “to steward the next generation”.  

In 2015, to carry on the legacy of preparing the next generation of IH/OH leaders, the Stephen C. Davis Future Leadership Institute (FLI) Memorial Grant was established.  

Memorial Grant 

The Memorial Grant provides up to $1,000.00 USD in travel assistance to a maximum of four participants per cohort attending the AIHA Future Leaders Institute (FLI).   To be eligible, attendees must live or work outside of the United States.


Applicants requesting consideration for the grant must submit an additional application form to the Future Leaders Institute Application Review Committee and meet all of the following criteria:  

  1. Have been accepted into the Future Leaders Institute program;   

  2. Graduate degree or certificate of competency in IH/OH by the appropriate body within the applicant’s country;   

  3. Minimum of 5 years IH/OH experience and present active global practice;   

  4. Two examples of leadership and mentorship activity which demonstrate personal growth and  stewardship for the next generation (e.g., committee participation, local section leadership, teaching/mentoring, community efforts, general leadership in the profession);   

  5. Two letters of professional reference; and   

  6. Be willing to participate in an interview by the Synergist following their attendance at the Future Leaders Institute.  


The Future Leaders Institute Application Review Committee will perform the initial screening of potential candidates. The Grant Review Committee makes the final selection of the grant recipients.  The Grant Committee for the 2018 Future Leadership Institute is: 

  • Chris Laszcz-Davis, CIH, FAIHA, AIC Fellow, President, The Environmental Quality Organization, LLC 

  • Dave Kahane, CIH, FAIHA, Founder and Serial Entrepreneur of the Forensic Analytical Family of Companies 

  • Ben Heckman, CIH, Principal, RHP Risk Management 

  • Robert Bacci, CIH, CSP, Vice President EH&S and Facilities, Nektar Therapeutics  

  • Larry Sloan, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, American Industrial Hygiene Association  

Funding Restrictions 

The Stephen C. Davis Future Leaders Institute Memorial Grant was established to groom global leaders not in a position to participate in leadership development otherwise.  As such, the grant will help defray travel expenses for those accepted. It is not meant to cover all expenses involved with attending the program.

At their sole discretion, the Grant Review Committee will determine the number of grant recipients; however, the number of grants awarded for any given Future Leadership cohort is limited to four.

  •  Each grant recipient will receive travel support up to $1,000.00 USD.   

  • Flights must be booked through the AIHA’s official travel partner 45-days before the start of the FLI Program.   

  • Other travel-related expenses, such as visa application, preferred seat selection/upgrade, parking, baggage fees, ground transportation (taxis and/or rental car), and other incidentals will not be reimbursed.  

Memorial Grant and the FLI

In the event that the AIHA dissolves, the Future Leadership Institute, the Grant Committee and the Executive Director of the AIHA or their respective designees, will determine the future of the Memorial Grant disbursements.  The use of this Memorial Grant will remain exclusively “to steward the next generation”.   

We would like to acknowledge and thank the generous private and corporate donors who fund this important grant.   


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