Future Leaders Institute


The Future Leaders Institute (FLI) focuses on strengthening the leadership skills of young Industrial Hygiene and OEHS professionals. The program is designed for those with 3 - 15 years of applied work experience.   

Program Information 
FLI focuses on four main areas: interpersonal perspectives, organizational perspectives, collaborative and teamwork efforts, and managing the future.

Participants will actively participate in workshops in order to develop an understanding of and leverage their strengths, interact with different personalities and work styles, and understand best practices for effective managers and leaders. FLI students will also receive training in strategic decision making, integrate EHS and IH into key business priorities, and increase their scope of influence and contributions as an OEHS professional. 

With respect to collaboration and teamwork, participants will learn how to successfully join efforts with other leaders as well as effectively manage conflict.  Finally, participants will learn skills for networking and exploring their personal and professional aspirations to align them with career trajectories that will support their goals and advance them in their organization and profession.
Current AIHA members or members of an IOHA affiliated organization with 3 - 15 years of IH/OEHS or related experience are encouraged to apply to this program. 
Applications will be reviewed by a selection panel, and candidates will be evaluated on the following:
  • Experience in leadership/management positions related to work, personal life or volunteer activities (AIHA or non-AIHA)
  • Recognition and endorsement of the candidate as a future leader by his/her organization or institution
  • Demonstrated accomplishments in professional and/or civic settings
  • Recipient of awards and/or recognitions
  • Submitted Statement of Interest
Next FLI Program
The next FLI Program is slated for Fall 2020.