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The 11th International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) International Scientific Conference is the must-attend conference for occupational hygiene professionals worldwide. The conference will offer high-quality scientific and technical content, as well as plenty of opportunity for networking. IOHA is an association of 35 occupational hygiene organizations that represent over 20,000 occupational hygienists from across the world. IOHA Washington 2018 will be a global event, gathering approximately 1,000 experts from the fields of occupational hygiene, exposure science, toxicology, ergonomics, epidemiology, occupational medicine and health, and risk management.

The Expo runs concurrently with the conference and presents a unique opportunity for suppliers and sponsors to showcase products and services directly to a global audience. Through sponsorship at IOHA Washington 2018, you gain exposure to OH professionals from around the world to show how your product or service can contribute to “Bringing Better Health to Workers Worldwide.” Publicity for this conference will reach more than 20,000 professionals worldwide.

Don’t miss this key opportunity to partner with this event and position your organization as a global expert in the field!

Who's Attending

IOHA Washington 2018 will be a truly global event, bringing together experts from the fields of occupational hygiene, exposure science, toxicology, ergonomics, epidemiology, occupational medicine and health, risk management, behavioral science and product stewardship. ​

Sponsorship Packages a​nd ​​A la Carte Options

Mobile App Adv​erstising

​Product Number Available​ Price Description
​Page Banner Ad 5​ $1500/each​ ​Your ad can dominate a specific page. This sponsorship gives you exclusive placement as the only banner ad for a particular area.
​Multi-Rotation Banner Ad Placement ​3 ​$1500/each ​​This sponsorship allows up to three ad placements to rotate in a given position each time the app is opened or refreshed. Specification for all banner ads: 1024 x 160px (32 x 5 aspect ratio)
​Push Notifications ​6 ​$1500/each ​Reach out to attendees during the event. Push Notifications allow you to instantly send a message to users at a designated date and time. Use push notifications to promote a special event onsite. Send your message to the entire attendee audience or target a specified group. Push Notifications are limited to 170 characters and will reach all users with push notifications turned on.
​Exhibitor Pop To The Top ​1 ​$2,500 ​This sponsorsh​​ip enables exhibitors to reach the entire attendee audience. A Pop to the Top will be viewable at the top of the entire Exhibitor list denoted by a prominent sponsor ribbon, bolded name and your Company logo in premium placement both in the exhibitor list view.
​Product Category Pop To The Top ​1 per Product Category​ ​$1,000/each ​This sponsorship allows exhibitors to target an audience interested in a particular product category. Your company will be listed at the top of the list for a sponsored product category. This will allow your company to have exposure in areas specific to your organization.
​Grand Slam Package - Choose 4 ​Choose 4 ​$4,000 ​This sponsorship allows exhibitors to receive multiple exposures via the Mobile App at a volume discounted rate.  Exhibitor Pop To The Top option excluded from this offer.

Final Program Adverti​sing


Space: August 23, 2018
Materials: August 27, 2018

Print Specifications​

Note: This is the OFFICIAL program of IOHA. Only this program and The Synergist are distributed to attendees at IOHA.​

Black and White Rates
  • Full Page: $2,885​
  • 1/2 Page: $2,165
  • 1/4 Page: $1,285
  • Spread: $4,900
*2-color (CMYK): Add $500
​Four Color Rates
  • Full Page: $4,335
  • 1/2 Page: $3,570
  • 1/4 Page: $2,850
  • Spread: $5,890
  • Sticker: $6,500
*Premium position: Add 10%
*2-color (CMYK): Add $500
​Guaranteed Position Rates
  • Back Cover: $5,775
  • Inside Front Cover: $5,250
  • Inside Back Cover: $4,985
*All rates are net and non-commissionable.

Web Banners on IOHA​

Capture the attention of the IOHA 2018 attendees by positioning your company on the pages of Be one of only four companies to appear on nearly all pages of the event website. Sign by April 1, 2018 for the best rates and to receive banner exposure for the full 6 months leading up to the conference.
  • Six Month Banner Package - $6,000.00
  • Three Month Banner Package - $3,300.00
  • One Month Banner - $1,250.00